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1 a
And he made see me Y'hoshu'a, the priest, the being great, standing before presences of one being delegated of Y'hovah, and the Satan standing on right of him to oppose him,

2 b
and he said, Y'hovah, to the Satan: 'Let him rebuke, Y'hovah, on you, the Satan, and let him rebuke, Y'hovah, on you, the one choosing in Y'rushalaim. Not this one being raked being snatched away from fire?'

3 g
And Y'hoshu'a he was wearing garments, ones being filthy, and standing before presences of the one being delegated,

4 d
And he answered, and he said to the ones standing before presences of him, to say: 'Make turn aside the garments, the ones being filthy, from ones on him.' And he said ones to him: 'See, I made pass over from ones on you iniquity of you and to make wrapped on you robes.'

5 h
And I said: 'Let them put headdress, being clean, on head of him.' And they put the headdress, the being clean, on head of him, and they made wrapped on him garments, and one being delegated of Y'hovah standing.

6 w
And he made exhortation, one being delegated of Y'hovah, against Y'hoshu'a, to say:

7 z
'Thus he says, Y'hovah of ones being amassed: If in ones being trod of me you go, and if being kept of me you keep, then also you, you will judge house of me, and also you will keep ones being enclosed of me, and I will give to you goings between the ones standing, the these.

8 x
Hear now, Y'hoshu'a, the priest, the one being great, you and ones being associated of you, the ones sitting before presences of you, indeed men of one being bright them, indeed behold I making come in servant of me, one being sprouted.

9 j
For behold, the stone that I gave before presences of Y'hoshu'a, on stone one seven eyes, behold I engraving being engraved of her', being declared of Y'hovah of ones being amassed, 'and I will remove iniquity of the earth the her in day one.

10 y
In the day the he", being declared of Y'hovah of ones being amassed, "you will call, each to being associated of him, to being under of vine and to being under of fig."




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