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1 a
Ask from Y'hovah rain at time

2 b
For the T'raphim they speak iniquity and ones divining they gaze at being false, and ones being dreamed of the emptiness they speak, vainly they comfort, over thus they uproot, like sheep they are afflicted since being no one tending.

3 g
Over the ones tending he is kindled, breathing hard of me, and on the rams I will visit when he visits, Y'hovah of ones being amassed, flock of him, house of Y'hudah, he will put them like horse of splendour of him in the being fought.

4 d
From them corner, from them stake, from them bow of being fought, from them he will go forth every of one driving together.

5 h
And they will be as ones being mighty ones trampling in mud of ones being outer in the being fought and they will fight since Y'hovah with them, and they will be dried up ones riding of horses.

6 w
And I will strengthen house of Y'hudah and house of Yoseph I will make free, and I will make sit them since I am compassionate of them, and they will be as how not I rejected them; indeed I Y'hovah, Elohim of them, and I will answer them.

7 z
And they will be as one being mighty Eph'rayim and he will brighten up heart of them like from wine and sons of them they will see and they will brighten up, he will be glad heart of them in Y'hovah.

8 x
I will whistle to them, and I will gather them, when I have ransomed them, and they will become many, as they were many.

9 j
And I will sow them among the peoples and in the ones being afar they will remember me and they will live with sons of them and they will turn back.

10 y
And I will make come back them from land of Mits'rayim, and from Ashur I will gather them, and to land of Gil'ad and L'vanon I will make go in them, and not he will be found of the them.

11 ay
And he will pass in the sea, trouble, and he will strike in the sea, waves, and they will be dried up, all of ones being sunk of river, and he will be taken down being risen up of Ashur and sceptre of Mits'rayim he will turn aside.

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