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Wh'y.[;v.y Y'SHAYAHU ISAIAH 64

1 a
As to inflame, fire, ones being crackled, waters she makes boil, fire, to make known name of you to ones being enemy of you from presences of you nations they quiver.

NOTE: Verse 1 is verse 2 in the English numeration

2 b
When to do you ones being awesome not we looked for, you came down from presences of you mountains they quaked.

NOTE: Verse 2 is verse 3 in the English numeration

3 g
And from old not they heard, not they hearkened, eye not she saw Elohim ones being except of you he does for one waiting for him.

NOTE: Verse 3 is verse 4 in the English numeration

4 d

NOTE: Verse 4 is verse 5 in the English numeration

5 h
And we are like the being unclean all of us, and like garment of ones being filth all of ones being righteous of us; and we wilt like the leaf all of us, and iniquities of us like the wind they carry off us.

NOTE: Verse 5 is verse 6 in the English numeration

6 w
And being no one calling on name of you, stirring up to make strong with the you; indeed you hid faces of you from us and you made melt us in hand of iniquity of us.

NOTE: Verse 6 is verse 7 in the English numeration

7 z
And now, Y'hovah, father of us you, we the clay and you one forming of us, and being made of hand of you all of us.

NOTE: Verse 7 is verse 8 in the English numeration

8 x
Not you crack off, Y'hovah, to very and not to the ever you remember iniquity; lo look now people of you all of us.

NOTE: Verse 8 is verse 9 in the English numeration

9 j
Cities of holiness of you they are wilderness, Tsiyon wilderness she is, Y'rushalaim being desolated.

NOTE: Verse 9 is verse 10 in the English numeration

10 y
House of being holy of us and splendour of us where they praised you fathers of us he is for being burned of fire and all of ones being desired of us he is for being laid waste.

NOTE: Verse 10 is verse 11 in the English numeration

11 ay
Over these will you restrain yourself, Y'hovah, will you be silent and you afflict us upto very.

NOTE: Verse 11 is verse 12 in the English numeration

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