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Wh'y.[;v.y Y'SHAYAHU ISAIAH 58

1 a
Call in throat not you withhold, like the horn make rise voice of you and make clear to people of me being transgressed of them and to house of Ya'aqov ones being sinned of them,

2 b
and me day of day they seek, and knowledge of ones being trod of me they desire like nation that righteousness he does and being judged of Elohim of him not he left, they ask me ones being judged of righteousness, drawing near of Elohim they desire.

3 g
For the what we fasted and not you saw? We afflicted soul of us and not you knew.' Lo in day of fast of you you found making pleased and all of griefs of you you exact.

4 d
Lo, for being contended and being struggled you fast, and to strike with fist of wickedness; not you fast as the day to make heard in the height voice of you.

5 h
Like this he is fast I chose him, day to afflict, man, soul of him, to bow down like bulrush head of him, and sackcloth, and dust he shall spread? To the this you call fast and day of pleasure to Y'hovah?

6 w
Not this fast I chose him to loose bonds of wickedness, to make loose ones being bound of yoke, and to let go ones being crushed, ones being free and every of yoke you tear off?

7 z
Not to divide to the being hungry bread of you, and ones being needy ones being tramped about you make go in house, when you see one being bare and you cover him, and from flesh of you not you hide?

8 x
Then he will break as the dawn being light of you and soundness of you swiftly she will spring forth; and he will go before presences of you righteousness of you, glory of Y'hovah he will gather you.

9 j
Then you will call and Y'hovah he will answer; you will cry out and he will say: 'Here I', if you make turn aside from midst of you yoke to extend finger and to speak iniquity;

10 y
And you make come out to the being hungry, soul of you, and soul of one being afflicted you satisfy, and he will radiate in the being dark, light of you, and being dense of you as the middays.

11 ay
And he will lead you, Y'hovah, being continuous, and he will satisfy in ones being parched soul of you, and bones of you he will brace up; and you will be like garden being saturated and like source of waters that not they fail waters of him.

12 by
And they will build from you ones being laid waste of antiquity, foundations of generation and generation you will raise up, and he will be called for you: 'one walling in breach, one restoring ones being trod to sit.'

13 gy
If you make turn back from sabbath, foot of you, to do ones making pleased of you on day of being holy of me, and you call for the sabbath delight of being holy of Y'hovah, one being honourable, and you honour him from to do ones being trod of you, from to find making pleased of you, and to speak being spoken.

14 dy
Then you will be delighted over Y'hovah and I will make ride you on ones being high of earth and I will make eat you being inherited of Ya'aqov, father of you; indeed mouth of Y'hovah he spoke.

NOTE: The seventh word is pointed in the Masoretic text as yetw\m'B as though the third letter should not be vav but this is incorrect.

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