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Wh'y.[;v.y Y'SHAYAHU ISAIAH 56

1 a
Thus he says, Y'hovah: 'Keep being judged and do righteousness indeed being near being made free of me to come in and righteousness of me to be uncovered.

2 b
Ones being happy of man he does this and son of man he makes strong on the her; one keeping sabbath from to profane him and one keeping hand of him from to do any of being evil.

3 g
And not let him say, son of the being foreign, the one joining to Y'hovah, to say: 'To make separate he will make separate me, Y'hovah from near people of him.' And not let him say the eunuch: 'Lo I tree being dried.'

4 d
Indeed thus he says, Y'hovah, of the eunuchs who they keep sabbaths of me and they chose as how I desire, and ones making strong in covenant of me:

5 h
And I will give to the them in house of me and within walls of me hand and name being good from sons and from daughters, name of everlastings I will give to him that not he will be cut off.

6 w
And sons of the being strange, the ones joining on Y'hovah to attend him and to love name of Y'hovah to be to him for servants, every of one keeping sabbath from to profane him and ones making strong on covenant of me;

7 z
And I will make come in them to mount of holiness of me, and I will make glad them in house of being prayed of me; ones being made go up of them and sacrifices of them for favour on altar of me, for house of me house of being prayed he will be called for all of the peoples.

8 x
Being declared of Adonay Y'hovah one gathering ones being pushed down of Yis'ra'el: Still I will gather ones on him to ones being gathered of him.

9 j
All being alive of him field come to eat, all of being alive of him in the forest.

10 y
Ones watching of him ones being blind all of them, not they know, all of them dogs, ones being mute, not they are able to bark, sleeping, ones laying down, ones loving of to slumber.

11 ay
And they dogs ones being strong of soul not they know being satisfied; and them ones tending not they know to understand; all of them to being trod of them they turn, each to unjust gain of him from extremity of him.

12 by
Come, I will fetch wine and let us imbibe liquor; and he will be as the this day tomorrow being great being excellent very.'

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