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Wh'y.[;v.y Y'SHAYAHU ISAIAH 54

1 a
Shriek one being barren not you bore; break forth ringing cry and cry not she writhed; indeed ones being many sons of one desolating from sons of one being married, he says, Y'hovah.

2 b
Enlarge place of tent of you and curtains of ones being dwelt of you let them stretch, not you withhold, make long cords of you and stakes of you make strong.

3 g
Indeed right and left you will break forth and seed of you, nations, he will occupy, and cities, ones being desolate, they will make inhabited.

4 d
Not you fear. Indeed not you will be ashamed, and not you will be humiliated. Indeed not you will be embarrassed for shame of ones being hidden of you you will forget and being taunted of widowhoods of you not you will remember still.

5 h
Indeed one being master of you one making you, Y'hovah of ones being amassed name of him, and one redeeming you, one being holy of Yis'ra'el, Elohim of all of the earth he is called.

6 w
Indeed, as woman being abandoned and being grieved of spirit, he called you, Y'hovah, and women of ones being young indeed she was rejected, he says, Elohim of you.

7 z

8 x
In gushing of cracking off I hid faces of me twinkling from you, and in kindness everlasting I will be compassionate of you, he says, one redeeming you, Y'hovah.

NOTE: The second word is pointed @,c,q meaning 'being cracked off'

9 j
Indeed waters of No'ach this to me that I swore from to pass waters of No'ach still on the earth, thus I swore from to be enraged ones over you and from to rebuke on the you.

10 y
Indeed the mountains let them be moved and the hills let them totter, and mercy of me from you not he will be removed and covenant of being peaceful of me not she will slip, he says, one being compassionate of you, Y'hovah.

11 ay

12 by
And I will make ruby pinnacles of you, and gates of you for stones of carbuncle, and all of border of you for stones of making pleased.

13 gy
And all of sons of you ones being taught of Y'hovah, and being much being peaceful of sons of you.

14 dy
In righteousness you will be established; be far from being extorted, indeed not you fear, and from ruin, since not she will approach ones to you.

15 hj
Lo, to sojourn he will sojourn being not from me; who he sojourns with you ones over you he will fall.

16 wj
Lo I, I created one being craftsman, one blowing on fire of coal, and one making come out article of being done of him; and I, I created one making destroyed to destroy.

17 zy
Every of article he is formed ones over you not he will prosper, and every of tongue she rises with you for the being judged you will condemn. This being inherited of servants of Y'hovah and righteousness of them from with me, being declared of Y'hovah.

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