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Wh'y.[;v.y Y'SHAYAHU ISAIAH 38

1 a
In the days the them he became weak, Chiz'qiyahu, to die, and he came to him, Y'sha'yahu, son of Amots, the prophet, and he said to him: 'Thus he says, Y'hovah: Charge house of you since to die you and not you will live.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me20#1

2 b
And he turned, Chiz'qiyahu, faces of him to the wall, and he prayed to Y'hovah.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me20#2

3 g
And he said: 'Oh, Y'hovah, remember now how I walked before presences of you in faithfulness and with heart whole, and the good in eyes of you I did.' And he wept, Chiz'qiyahu, weeping being great.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me20#3

4 d
And he was, being spoken of Y'hovah, to Y'sha'yahu to say

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me20#4

5 h
to go and you say to Chiz'qiyahu: "Thus he says, Y'hovah, Elohim of David, father of you, I heard being prayed of you, I saw tear of you, behold I adding on days of you five ten year.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me20#5

6 w
And from palm of one reigning of Ashur I will snatch away you and the city the this, and I will shield over the city the this.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me20#6

7 z
And this to you the sign from Y'hovah that he will do the being spoken the this that he spoke.

8 x
Behold I making turn back shadow of the ones going up where she goes down on ones going up of Achaz with the sun backward ten ones going up.' And she turned back, the sun, ten ones going up on the ones going up where she went down.

9 j
Writing of Chiz'qiyahu, one reigning of Y'hudah, when to be weak him, and he lived from sickness of him.

10 y
I, I said: 'When being silent days of me I will go in gates of Sh'ol, I am called to account remainder of years of me.'

11 ay
I said: 'Not I will see Yah, Yah in land of the ones being alive, not I look man still with ones sitting of cessation.

12 by
Generation of me he is uprooted and he is uncovered from me like tent of one shepherding me; I will be cut off like the one weaving, ones being alive of me from thrum, he cuts off me from day to night, you make at peace me.

13 gy
I set until morning as the lion, thus he breaks all of bones of me, from day until night, you make at peace me.

14 dy

15 hj
What shall I speak? And he said to me, and he, he did: 'I will walk deliberately all of years of me over being bitter of soul of me.'

16 wj

17 zy
Behold, for peace being bitter of to me, being bitter; and you, you set affection soul of me from pit being without since you cast ones being after of back of you all of ones being sinned of me.

18 xy
Indeed not Sh'ol she thanks you, death he praises you, not they hope ones going down of pit about truth of you.

19 jy
One being alive, one being alive he, he will praise you like the me the day; father to sons he will make known about truth of you.

20 k
Y'hovah to make free me; and ones being thrummed of me we will thrum all of days of ones being alive of us at house of Y'hovah.

21 ak
And he said, Y'sha'yahu: 'Let them take up pressing of figs and let them rub on the being inflamed and he will live.'

22 bk
And he said, Chiz'qiyahu: 'What sign that I go up house of Y'hovah?'

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