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Wh'y.[;v.y Y'SHAYAHU ISAIAH 36

1 a
And he was in four ten year of the one reigning, Chiz'qiyahu, he came up, Sancheriv, one reigning of Ashur, against all of cities of Y'hudah, the ones being fortified, and he seized them.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#13

2 b
And he sent, one reigning of Ashur, Rav Shaqeh, from Lakhish to Y'rushalaim, to the one reigning, Chiz'qiyahu, with force of being heavy, and he stood at conduit of the pool, the upper, on highway of field of one being fuller.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#17

3 g
And he came out to him, Elyaqim, son of Chil'qiyahu, who over the house, and Shevna, the one recording, and Yo'ach, son of Asaph, the one making remember.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#18

4 d
And he said ones to them, Rav Shaqeh: 'Say now to Chiz'qiyahu: Thus he says, the one reigning, the being great, one reigning of Ashur: What the confidence the this that you trust?'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#19

5 h
'I say: Only being spoken of lips being advised and might for the being fought. Now upon whom do you trust that you rebelled on me?'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#20

6 w
Behold, you trust on being support of the reed, the being splintered the this, on Mits'rayim, where he supports himself, man, ones on him, and he goes in in palm of him, and he pierces her, thus Par'oh, one reigning of Mits'rayim, to all of the ones trusting ones on him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#21

7 z
And though you say to me: 'To Y'hovah, Elohim of us, we trust.' Not he, who he removed, Chiz'qiyahu, heights of him, and altars of him, and he said to Y'hudah and to Y'rushalaim: 'before presences of the altar the this you bow down'?"

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#22

8 x
'And now, share now, with lord of me, the one reigning of Ashur, and I will give to you two thousands horses if you are able to give for you ones riding on them.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#23

9 j
'And how will you make turn back presences of one governing of one, servants of lord of me, the ones being little, and you trust for you on Mits'rayim for being ridden and for horsemen?'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#24

10 y
"And now from ones beside of Y'hovah have I come up to the land the this to destroy her? Y'hovah he said to me: 'Go up to the land the this and destroy her.'"

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#25

11 ay
And he said, El'yaqim, and Shev'nah, and Yo'ach to Rav Shaqeh: 'Speak now to servants of you Aramit, for ones hearing we, and not you speak ones to us Y'hudit in ears of the people who on the being walled.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#26

12 by
And he said, Rav Shaqeh: 'To lords of you, and ones to you, has he sent me, lord of me, to speak the ones being spoken the these? Not to the men, the ones sitting on the being walled, to eat excrements of them, and to drink urinations of them with you?'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#27

13 gy
And he stood, Rav Shaqeh, and he called in voice, being great Y'hudit, and he said: "Hear ones being spoken of the one reigning, the being great, one reigning of Ashur."

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#28

14 dy
Thus he says, the one reigning: 'Not let him deceive to the you, Chiz'qiyahu, for not he will be able to snatch away you.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#29

15 hj
'And not let him make trust, Chiz'qiyahu, to Y'hovah, to say: To snatch away he will snatch away us, Y'hovah, and not she will be given, the city the this, in hand of one reigning of Ashur.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#30

16 wj
Not you listen to Chiz'qiyahu, for thus he says, one reigning of Ashur: 'Make with me blessing, and come out to me, and eat each vine of him, and each fig of him, and drink each waters of bore of him.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#31

17 zy
Until to come in me, and I take you to land, like land of you, land of grain and new wine, land of bread and vines.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#32

18 xy
Perhaps he will entice you, Chiz'qiyahu, to say: 'Y'hovah, he will deliver us'. Did they deliver, elohim of the nations, each land of him, from hand of one reigning of Ashur?

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#33

19 jy
'Where elohim of Chamat and Arpad, where elohim of S'pharvayim, and that they snatched away Shom'ron from hand of me?

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#34

20 k
Who among all of elohim of the lands the these, that they snatched away land of them, from hand of me, that he will snatch away, Y'hovah, Y'rushalaim from hand of me?'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#35

21 ak
And they were silent and not they answered him being spoken for command of the one reigning she, to say: 'Not you answer him.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#36

22 bk
And he went in, Elyaqim, son of Chil'qiyah, whom over the house, and Shev'na, the one recording, and Yo'ach, son of Asaph, the one making remember, to Chiz'qiyahu, ones being torn of garments, and they made clear to him ones being spoken of Rav Shaqeh.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me18#37

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