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Wh'y.[;v.y Y'SHAYAHU ISAIAH 15

1 a
Being lifted of Mo'av. Indeed in night he is devastated, Ar of Mo'av he is silenced; indeed in night he is devastated Qir of Mo'av he is silenced.

2 b
He will go up the house and Divon of the heights for weeping over N'vo, and over Meyd'va. Mo'av he will howl, on all of heads of him being bald, every of beard being scraped off.

3 g
In ones being outside of him they will gird themselves sackcloth, on roofs of her and in ones being broad of her, all of him, he will howl, going down with the weeping.

4 d
And she cried out, Chesh'bon, and El'aleh to Yahats he was heard voice of them; over thus ones being armed of Mo'av they shout; soul of him he is broken up of him.

5 h
Heart of me for Mo'av he cries out, fugitive of her to Tso'ar, heifer of three; indeed ascent of the Luchit with weeping he goes up on him; indeed being trod of Choronayim being cried out of being broken they stir up.

6 w
Indeed waters of Nim'rim ones being desolate they will be; indeed he dried up herbage, he finished being sprouted, green not he is.

7 z

8 x
Indeed he went around, the being cried out, border of Mo'av; to Eg'layim howling of her, and B'er Eylim howling of her.

9 j
Indeed waters of Dimon they are filled blood, indeed I will set on Dimon ones being more for ones being escaped of Mo'av lion, and for remnant of ground.

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