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Wh'y.[;v.y Y'SHAYAHU ISAIAH 14

1 a
Indeed he will be compassionate, Y'hovah, with Ya'aqov and he will choose still with Yis'ra'el, and he will make rest them on ground of them, and he will join himself, the one being sojourner, ones on them and they will unite together on house of Ya'aqov.

2 b
And they will take them, peoples, and they will make go in them to place of them, and they will inherit them, house of Yis'ra'el, on ground of Y'hovah for servants and for handmaids, and they will be, ones taking captive, to ones taking captive, and they will rule over ones oppressing of them.

3 g
And he will be in day to make rest, Y'hovah, for you from pain of you, and from turmoil of you, and from the service, the being harsh, that he was served on the you.

4 d
And you take up the parable the this over one reigning of Bavel, and you say: 'How he ceased one driving, she ceased one making gold.'

5 h
He broke, Y'hovah, staff of ones being wicked, rod of ones ruling.

6 w
striking peoples over being cross, being struck of not turning aside, ruling in anger nations, pursuit not he restrains.

7 z
She rests, she is quiet all of the land; they break forth ringing cry.

8 x
Indeed pines they brighten up for you, cedars of L'vanon; from then you laid down, not they came up the ones cutting off ones on you.

9 j
Sh'ol from beneath she trembles at you to meet, to come in you he will make stir for you ones being deceased, all of ones being prepared of earth, he will make rise from thrones of them all of ones reigning of nations.

10 y
All of them they answer and they say ones to you: 'Also you, you became weak like the us, ones to us you became like.

11 ay
He is taken down Sh'ol being risen up of you, noise of N'valim of you; ones beneath of you he is spread maggot and covering of you worm.

12 by
How you fell from heavens, Heylel, son of dawn, you were cut down to the earth, one prostrating over nations.

13 gy
And you, you said in heart of you: The heavens I will go up from being above of stars of El; I will make rise, throne of me, and I will sit in mount of being appointed at extremities of north;

14 dy
I will go up over heights of cloud; I will be like to El'yon.

15 hj
Only to Sh'ol you will be made go down, to recesses of pit.

16 wj
Ones seeing you ones at you they look, ones at you they ponder: 'This the man making quake the earth, making tremble ones being reigned?

17 zy
He made world like the wilderness and cities of him he tore down, prisoners of him not he opened at within.'

18 xy
All of ones reigning of nations, all of them, they lie down in glory, each in house of him.

19 jy
And you, you are cast from being buried of you like branch being loathesome, being wrapped on of ones being slain, ones being pierced of sword, ones going down of to stones of pit, as corpse being trampled.

20 k
Not you will be united with them when being buried since land of you you corrupted, people of you you killed; not he will be called to everlasting seed ones doing evil.

21 ak
Make ready for sons of him being made slaughtered over iniquity of fathers of them; not they will rise up and they will occupy earth and they fill surfaces of world cities.

22 bk
And I will rise up ones on them, being declared of Y'hovah of ones being amassed, and I will cut off of Bavel name and remnant, and offspring and progeny, being declared of Y'hovah.

23 gk
And I will set her for being possessed of bittern and pools of waters; and I will sweep away her with being swept to make desolated, being declared of Y'hovah of ones being amassed.

24 dk
He swore, Y'hovah of ones being amassed, to say: 'No not as how I thought thus she will be and as how I advised she, she will rise.

25 hk
to break down Ashur in land of me and on mountains of me I will trample him, and he will be turned aside from ones on them, yoke of him, and burden of him from on shoulder of him, he will be removed.

26 wk
This the being advised, the being advised on all of the earth, and this the hand, the being outstretched on all of the nations.

27 zk
Indeed Y'hovah of ones being amassed he advised and who he will break? And hand of him the being outstretched and who he will make turn back her?

28 xk
In year of death of the one reigning, Achaz, he was the burden the this.

29 jk
Not you rejoice, Ph'leshet, all of you, indeed he is broken, rod of striking of you, indeed from being rooted of serpent he comes forth, viper, and being fruited of him fiery serpent flying about.

30 l
And they will feed, ones being firstborn of ones being poor, and ones being needy at the being secure they will lay down; and I will make die with the famine being rooted of you and remnant of you he will kill.

31 al
Howl gate, cry out city, he melts, P'leshet, all of you, indeed from north smoke he comes in and being no one being separate at ones being appointed of him.

32 bl
And what will he answer, ones being delegated of nation that Y'hovah he set? Tsiyon, and in the her they will seek refuge, ones being afflicted of people of him.

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