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Wh'y.[;v.y Y'SHAYAHU ISAIAH 13

1 a
Burden of Bavel that he gazed at, Y'sha'yahu, son of Amots.

2 b
On mount, being bare, take up ensign, make rise voice to the them, wave hand and let them come in openings of ones being noble.

3 g
I, I charged to ones being consecrated of me, indeed I called ones being mighty of me for breathing hard of me, ones being exultant of majesty of me.

4 d
Sound of multitude on the mount, being like of people of abundance, sound of uproar of ones being reigned of nations, ones being gathered; Y'hovah of ones being amassed mustering being amassed of being fought.

5 h
Ones coming in from land being afar, from end the heavens, Y'hovah and articles of indignation of him to destroy all of the earth.

6 w
Make howling, indeed being near day of Y'hovah, as ruin from Shaday he will come in.

7 z
Over thus all of hands they will drop and every of heart of man he will melt.

8 x
And they will be terrified; pangs and ones binding they wil seize them; like the one bringing forth they will writhe; each to being associated of him they marvel; faces of ones gleaming faces of them.

9 j
Behold, day of Y'hovah coming in, being harsh and being cross, and glowing of breathing hard to make the earth for waste, and ones sinning of her he will make desolated from her.

10 y
Indeed stars of the heavens and constellations of them not they will make shine being light of them, he will be dark, the sun, in going forth of him and moon not he will make shine being light of him.

11 ay
And I will visit on world being evil, and on ones being wicked iniquity of them, and I will make cease being risen up of ones being arrogant and pride of ones being ruthless I will make low.

12 by
I will make precious man from being refined, and man from being marked of Ophir.

13 gy
Over thus heavens I will make quiver, and she will quake, the earth, from place of her over being cross of Y'hovah of ones being amassed, and in day of being kindled of breathing hard of him.

14 dy
And he will be as roebuck being chased and as sheep and being no one gathering each to people of him they will turn and each to land of him they will flee.

15 hj
All of the being found he will be pierced and all of the being caught he will fall by the sword.

16 wj
And ones being suckled of them they will be dashed in pieces before eyes of them; they will be plundered houses of them and women of them they will be ravished.

NOTE: The Qere for the last word is: h'n.b;k'ViT

17 zy
Behold I rousing ones over them Maday who silver not they regard and gold not they delight in him.

18 xy
And bows of ones being young they will dash in pieces; and being fruited of womb not they will be compassionate; on sons not they will pity eye of them.

19 jy
And she will be Bavel, beauty of ones being reigned, splendour of being risen up of Kas'dim, as being overthrown of Elohim S'dom and Amorah.

20 k
Not she will sit to eminence, and not she will dwell to generation and generation, and not he will pitch there, Aravi, and ones tending not they will make lie down there.

21 ak

22 bk
And he will answer Isles in ones being forsaken of him and jackels in palaces of delight; and being near to come in time of her, and days of her not they will be drawn out.

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