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1 a
And he was evil to Yonah, evil being great, and he was kindled of him.

2 b
And he prayed to Y'hovah and he said: 'Oh Y'hovah! Not this being spoken of me while to be me on ground of me? Over thus I went before to flee to Tar'shish for I knew that you El being gracious and being compassionate, being slow of ones breathing hard, and being much of kindness, and being sorry over the being evil.

3 g
And now, Y'hovah, take now soul of me from me for being good death of me from ones being alive of me.'

4 d
And he said, Y'hovah: 'To do right is he kindled of you?'

5 h
And he went out, Yonah, from the city and he sat from east of the city. And he made for him there booth and he sat ones being under of her in the shade until how he saw what he will be with the city.

6 w
And he weighed out, Y'hovah Elohim, plant and he made go up from over of Yonah to be shade for head of him to snatch away for him from distress of him. And he brightened up, Yonah, over the plant being brightened up being great.

7 z
And he weighed out, the Elohim, worm, when to come up the dawn of the morrow of and she struck the plant and he dried up.

8 x
And he was as to radiate, the sun, and he weighed out, Elohim, wind of east still, and she struck, the sun, on head of Yonah and he was faint, and he asked soul of him to die. And he said: 'Being good death of me from ones being alive of me.'

9 j
And he said, Elohim, to Yonah: 'To do right he is kindled of you over the plant?' And he said: 'To do right he is kindled of me to death.'

10 y
And he said, Y'hovah: 'You, you were compassionate over the plant that not you toiled over him and not you made grow him, that son of night he was and son of night he perished.

11 ay
And I, not I shall be compassionate on Nin'veh, the city the being great, that being in her to be many from twos ten of myriad of people whom not he knows between right of him to left of him, and beast being many?'

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