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laeq.z,x.y Y'CHEZ'QEL EZEKIEL 39

1 a
And you, son of man, prophesy over Gog, and you say: Thus he says, Adonay Y'hovah, behold I, ones about you, Gog, one being lifted up of head of Meshekh, and Tuval,

2 b
and I will make turn back you, and I will lead you, and I will make go up you from extremities of north, and I will make go in you on mounts of Yis'ra'el.

3 g
And I will strike bow of you from hand of left of you, and arrows of you from hand of right of you I will make fall,

4 d
On mounts of Yis'ra'el you will fall, you, and all of hordes of you, and peoples who with you, to one swooping of bird, every of wing, and one being alive of the field, I will give you for being eaten.

5 h
On surfaces of the field you will fall; indeed I, I spoke, being declared of Adonay Y'hovah.

6 w
And I will let go fire on Magog and on ones sitting of the isles at the being secure, and they will know that I Y'hovah.

7 z
And name of holiness of me I will make known in midst of people of me, Yis'ra'el, and not I will let be profaned name of holiness of me still, and they will know, the nations, that I Y'hovah, one being holy in Yis'ra'el.

8 x
Behold, she will come in and she will be, being declared of Adonay Y'hovah, he, the day that I spoke.

9 j
And they will go forth, ones sitting of cities of Yis'ra'el, and they will kindle and they will burn with being equipped, and shield, and shield, with bow and with arrows, and with rod of hand, and with spear, and they will kindle with the them, fire, seven years.

10 y
And not they will burn trees from the field, and not they will cut from the forests; indeed with the being equipped they will burn fire, and they will spoil, ones spoiling them, and they will seize, ones seizing them, being declared of Adonay Y'hovah.

11 ay
And he will be on the day the he I will give to Gog place of there being buried in Yis'ra'el, valley of the ones crossing east of the sea, and one stopping up she the ones crossing, and they will bury there Gog and all of multitude of him, and they will call valley of Hamon Gog.

12 by
And they will bury them, house of Yis'ra'el, for sake of to cleanse the land seven months.

13 gy
And they will bury all of people of the land and she will be for the them for name day to be honoured me, being declared of Adonay Y'hovah.

14 dy

15 hj
And they will cross, the ones crossing in the land, and he will see bone of man and he will build beside him sign until they bury him, the ones making buried, to valley of Hamon Gog.

16 wj
And also name of city Hamonah. And they shall cleanse the land.

17 zy
And you, son of man, thus he says, Adonay Y'hovah, say to bird, every of wing, and to every of being alive of the field: 'Gather and come in. Gather from being around about over sacrifice of me that I slaughtering for the you, being slaughtered, being great, on mountains of Yis'ra'el, and you will eat flesh and you will drink blood.

18 xy
Flesh of ones being mighty you will eat and blood of ones being lifted up you will drink, rams, lambs, and goats, calves, fatlings of Bashan all of them.

19 jy
And you will eat fat to being satisfied and you will drink blood to being drunk from being slaughtered of me that I slaughter for the you.

20 k
And you will be filled at table of me, horse and being ridden, one being mighty, and every of man of being fought, being declared of Adonay Y'hovah.

21 ak
And I will give honour of me among the nations and they will see all of the nations being judged of me that I do, and hand of me that I put on the them.

22 bk
And they will know, house of Yis'ra'el, that I Y'hovah, Elohim of them, from the day the he and beyond.

23 gk
And they will know, the nations, that over iniquity of them they were uncovered, house of Yis'ra'el, over that they transgressed on me, and I hid faces of me from them, and I gave them in hand of ones being hostile of them, and they fell by the sword, all of them.

24 dk
As being unclean of them, and as ones being transgressed of them, I did with them, and I hid faces of me from them.

25 hk
For the so thus he says, Adonay Y'hovah: Now I will make turn back captivity of Ya'aqov, and I will be compassionate on all of house of Yis'ra'el, and I will be jealous for name of being holy of me.

26 wk
And they will bear shame of them and all of being trespassed of them that they trespassed on me, when to sit them on ground of them at the being secure and being no one making afraid;

27 zk
when to bring back me them from the peoples, and I gather them from lands of ones being hostile of them, and I show myself holy among the them before eyes of the nations, ones being many,

28 xk
And they will know that I Y'hovah, Elohim of them, when to make uncovered me them to the nations, and I collected them on ground of them, and not I will leave still from them there;

29 jk
And not I will hide still faces of me from them when I pour out spirit of me on house of Yis'ra'el, being declared of Adonay Y'hovah.'

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