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1 a
If you turn back, Yis'ra'el, being declared of Y'hovah, ones to me you turn back, and if you make turn aside ones being detestable of you from presences of me, and not you waver;

2 b
and you swear: 'Being alive Y'hovah' in truth, in being judged, and in righteousness, and they will be blessed in nations and in him they will glory.

3 g
For thus he says, Y'hovah, to man of Y'hudah and Y'rushalaim: 'Break up for the you being tillable and not you sow to thorns.

4 d
be circumcised to Y'hovah and put away foreskins of heart of you, man of Y'hudah and ones sitting of Y'rushalaim, lest she goes forth like the fire, heat of me, and she burns and being no one making quenched from presences of evil of dealings of you.

5 h
Make clear in Y'hudah and in Y'rushalaim, make heard and say, and blow horn in the land, call, confirm and say: 'Gather and let us go in to cities of the fortification.'

6 w
Take up ensign at Tsiyon; take refuge not you stop since being evil I making come in from north and being broken being great.

7 z
He went up, lion, from thicket of him, and one destroying of nations he uprooted, he went forth from place of him to put land of you for waste, cities of you they will be ruined from being no one sitting.

8 x
Over this gird yourselves sackcloths, mourn and make howling; indeed not he will turn back being kindled of breathing hard of Y'hovah from us.

9 j
And he will be in the day the he, being declared of Y'hovah, he will perish, heart of the one reigning and heart of the officials, and they will be desolated, the priests, and the prophets they will wonder.

10 y
And I said: 'Alas Adonay Y'hovah, surely to deceive you deceived to the people the this and to Y'rushalaim, to say: Being peaceful he will be for the you and she touched, sword, to the soul.'

11 ay
At the time the her he will be said of the people the this and of Y'rushalaim: wind being bright of ones being bare in the wilderness, being trod of daughter of people of me, not to fan and not to make pure.

12 by
Wind being full from these he will come in to me; now also I, I will speak ones being judged with them.

13 gy
Behold as clouds he comes up and as the whirlwind ones being ridden of him; they are swift from eagles horses of him. 'Woe to the us for we are devastated.'

14 dy
Wash from being evil heart of you, Y'rushalaim, for sake of you will be saved. Until when she will lodge in midst of you ones being devised of iniquity of you?

15 hj
For voice making clear from Dan and making heard iniquity from mount of Eph'rayim.

16 wj
Mention to the nations, behold make heard over Y'rushalaim, ones guarding, ones coming in from land the being afar, and they will give over cities of Y'hudah voice of them.'

17 zy
As ones keeping of field they are ones on her from being around about; indeed with me she has been rebellious, being declared of Y'hovah.

18 xy
Being trod of you and dealings of you to do these to the you this being evil of you; indeed being bitter; indeed he touched to heart of you.

19 jy
Bowels of me, bowels of me I writhe, walls of heart of me being tumultuous of me, heart of me not I am silent; indeed sound of horn she heard, soul of me, being sounded of being fought.

20 k
Being broken on being broken he happened for she is devastated all of the land; being sudden they are devastated tents of me, twinkling curtains of me.

21 ak
Until when I will see ensign, I will hear sound of horn?

22 bk
Indeed being perverse, people of me, me not they know; sons ones being foolish them and not ones discerning them; ones being wise them to do evil and to do good not they know.

23 gk
I saw the earth and behold being waste and being empty, and to the heavens, and being no being light of them.

24 dk
I saw the mounts, and behold ones quaking, and all of the hills they moved to and fro.

25 hk
I saw, and behold being not the man; and every of one flying of the heavens they fled.

26 wk
I saw, and behold, the being cultivated of the wilderness, and all of cities of him they are broken down from presences of Y'hovah, from presences of being kindled of breathing hard of him.

27 zk
For thus he says, Y'hovah, being desolate she will be all of the land; and being complete not I will make.

28 xk
Over this she will mourn, the earth, and they will be darkened, the heavens, from above, over that I spoke, I purposed and not I will repent and not I will turn back from her.

29 jk
From sound of horseman and one shooting of bow, fleeing all of the city, they go in among the ones being dense and among ones being hollowed they go up, all of the city being forsaken and being no one sitting among the them man.

30 l
And you being despoiled, what will you do

31 al
Indeed sound like one grieving I heard, being made cramped like one bearing firstborn, sound of daughter of Tsiyon she gasps, she spreads palms of her: 'Woe now to me, indeed she is weary, soul of me, before ones killing.'

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