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1 a
That he was being spoken of Y'hovah to Yir'm'yahu, the prophet, over the nations;

2 b
of Mits'rayim over force of Par'oh N'kho, one reigning of Mits'rayim, that he was on being flowed of P'rat in Khar'k'mish, that he struck N'vukhad're'tsar, one reigning of Bavel, in year of the one being fourth of Y'hoyaqim, son of Yoshiyahu, one reigning of Y'hudah.

3 g
Array shield and shield, and draw near to the being fought.

4 d

5 h

6 w
Not he will flee, the one being swift, and not he will be delivered, the one being mighty, at north near side of being flowed of P'rat, they will stumble and they will fall.

7 z
Who this like the river he comes up, like the ones being flowed they are tossed waters of him?

8 x
Mits'rayim like the river he comes up and like the ones being flowed they toss themselves waters; and he says: 'I will come up, I will cover land, I will make perish city and ones sitting of in the her.'

9 j
Go up the horses and enrage the being ridden, and go forth, the ones being mighty, Kush and Phut, ones handling of shield, and Ludim, ones handling of ones treading of bow.

10 y
And the day the he to Adonay Y'hovah of ones being amassed day of being avenged to be avenged from ones making cramped of him, and she will consume, sword, and she will be sated and she will be drunk from blood of them; indeed being slaughtered to Adonay Y'hovah of ones being amassed in land of north to being flowed of P'rat.

11 ay
Go up Gil'ad and take balm virgin daughter of Mits'rayim; to the emptiness you increased ones healing; bandage being not for the you.

12 by
They heard, nations, shame of you, and being cried out of you she is filled, the earth; indeed one being mighty with one being mighty they stumble together, they fall twos of them.

13 gy
The being spoken that he spoke, Y'hovah, to Yir'm'yahu, the prophet, to come in, N'vukhad're'tsar, one reigning of Bavel, to strike land of Mits'rayim.

14 dy
Make clear in Mits'rayim and make heard in Mig'dol, and make heard in Noph and in Tach'pan'ches, say: Make stationed and make ready for the you; indeed she will consume, sword, ones being around about of you.

15 hj
What reason he is prostrated ones being mighty of you? Not he stood since Y'hovah he thrust down him.

16 wj
He increased one stumbling; also he fell each to being associated of him, and they said: 'Rise and let us go back to people of us and to land of being born of us from presences of sword, the one oppressing.'

17 zy
They call there: 'Pharoh, one reigning of Mits'rayim, crashing he made pass the being appointed.'

18 xy
Being alive I, being declared of the one reigning, Y'hovah of ones being amassed name of him: Indeed like Tavor in the mountains and like Kar'mel by the sea he will come in.

19 jy
Articles of being uncovered make for the you, one sitting of daughter of Mits'rayim; indeed Noph for waste she will be and she will be desolate from being no on sitting.

20 k
Heifer being fair of beauty, Mits'rayim, gadfly from north he will come in, he will come in.

21 ak
Also ones being hired of her in midst of her like calves of stall, indeed also them they will turn, they will flee together, not they will stand; indeed day of being bent down of them he will come in ones on them, time of being visited of them.

22 bk
Sound of her like the serpent he goes; indeed with force they go and with axes the go in to the her as ones cutting woods.

23 gk
They cut down forest of her, being declared of Y'hovah, indeed not he is searched since they are many from locust and being not of the them being counted.

24 dk
She is ashamed, daughter of Mits'rayim, she is given in hand of people of north.

25 hk
He said, Y'hovah of ones being amassed, Elohim of Yis'ra'el: 'Behold I punishing to Amon from No, and on Paroh, and on Mits'rayim, and on elohim of her, and on kings of her, and on Paroh, and on the ones trusting in him;

26 wk
and I will give them in hand of ones seeking of soul of them, and in hand of N'vukhad're'tsar, one reigning of Bavel, and in hand of servants of him, and ones being after of thus she will reside as days of old, being declared of Y'hovah.

27 zk
And you not you fear, servant of me Ya'aqov, and not you be dismayed Yis'ra'el, for behold I making free you from afar, and seed of you from land of being captive of them, and he will turn back, Ya'aqov, and he will rest and he will be at ease, and being no one making shudder.

NOTE: Parallel passage: yi30#10

28 xk
You, not you fear, servant of me, Ya'aqov', being declared of Y'hovah, 'since with you I, since I will make being complete among all of the nations where I will scatter you to there, and you not I will make being complete, and I will chasten you for the being judged and to acquit not I will acquit you.'

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