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1 a
And he said, Y'hovah, ones to me: 'If he stood Mosheh and Sh'mu'el, before presences of me being not soul of me to the people the this. Send from near presences of me and let them go forth.

2 b
And he will be when they say to you: 'To where will we go forth?' And you say to them: 'Thus he says, Y'hovah: 'Who for the death to the death, and who for the sword to the sword, and who for the famine to the famine, and who for the being captive to the being captive.'

3 g
And I will visit ones on them four of kinds, being declared of Y'hovah, the sword to kill, and the dogs to drag, and one flying of the heavens, and beast of the earth, to eat and to destroy.

4 d
And I will give them for astonishment to all of ones being reigned of the earth over circumstance of M'nasheh, son of Y'chiz'qiyahu, one reigning of Y'hudah, over what he did in Y'rushalaim.

5 h
Indeed, who he will commiserate ones over you, Y'rushalaim? And who he will show sympathy to the you? And who he will turn aside to ask about being peaceful of the you?

6 w
You, you forsook me, being declared of Y'hovah, backward you went, and I will stretch out hand of me against you, and I will destroy you. I am tired to be comforted.

7 z
And I will fan them with fan in gates of the land, I will bereave, I will make perish people of me; from ones being trod of them not they turn back.

8 x
They are numerous to me widows of him from sand of seas; I will make come in to the them on mother being chosen one despoiling at the middays I will make fall ones on her being sudden city and ones making tremble.

9 j

10 y
Woe to me mother of me that you bore me, man of being contended and man of contention to all of the land, not I lent and not they lent with me, all of him cursing me.

11 ay
He said, Y'hovah: 'If not I make free you for being good, if not I will make fall on you at time of being evil and at time of trouble, the one being hostile.

12 by
Will he break, iron, iron from north and bronze?

13 gy
Wealth of you and ones being stored of you for the being spoiled I will give, not by being bought, and over all of ones being sinned of you, and in all of borders of you.

14 dy
And I will make pass ones being hostile of you in land not you know since fire she is inflamed in nostril of me, ones over you she shall burn.'

15 hj
You, you know Y'hovah, remember me, and visit me, and avenge for me from ones pursuing of me, not at being slow of anger of you you take me; know to bear me ones over you being taunted.

16 wj
They were found, ones being spoken of you, and I ate them, and he was, ones being spoken of you, to me for being bright and for being brightened up of heart of me for he is called, name of you, on me Y'hovah, Elohim of ones being amassed.

17 zy
Not I sat in council of ones playing and I jump for joy; from presences of hand of you being alone I sat since being indignant you filled me.

18 xy
For the what he is being pained of me being continual, and being struck of me being incurable, she refuses to be healed? To be you are to me as one being liar, waters not they are sure.

19 jy
For the so, thus he says, Y'hovah: If you turn back then I will make turn back you, before presences of me you will stand, and if you make come forth being esteemed from rioting as mouth of me you will be. Let them turn back, them, ones to you, and you, not you turn back ones to them.

20 k
And I will give you to the people the this for being walled of bronze being fortified, and they will fight ones to you and not they will be able to the you, indeed with you I to make free you and to snatch away you, being declared of Y'hovah,

21 ak
and I will snatch away you from hand of ones being wicked, and I will redeem you from palm of ones being ruthless.

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