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1 a
And they were assembled, all of community of sons of Yis'ra'el, Shiloh, and they made reside there tent of being appointed, and the land she was subdued before presences of them.

2 b
And they were left among sons of Yis'ra'el, whom not they apportioned being inherited of them, seven of branches.

3 g
And he said, Y'hoshu'a, to sons of Yis'ra'el: 'Until at when you ones being slack to go in to occupy the land that he gave to the you, Y'hovah, Elohim of fathers of you?'

4 d
Appoint for the you three men of the branch, and I will send them, and let them rise, and let them go through the land, and let them record her to end being apportioned of them, and they shall come in ones to me.

5 h
Then let them apportion her to seven ones being apportioned, Y'hudah he shall stand on border of him from south, and house of Yoseph they shall stand on border of them from north.

6 w
And you, you record the land, seven ones being apportioned, and you make come in ones to me to here, and I will cast for the you lot here, before presences of Y'hovah, Elohim of us.

7 z
Indeed being no being apportioned for the L'viyim in midst of you, indeed priesthood of Y'hovah being apportioned of him. And Gad, and R'uven, and being halved of branch of the M'nasheh they took being apportioned of them from across of the Yar'den at rising that he gave to the them, Mosheh, servant of Y'hovah.

8 x
And they rose, the men, and they went, and he charged, Y'hoshu'a, the ones going to record the land, to say: 'Go and traverse in the land and record her, and turn back ones to me, and here I will cast for the you lot before presences of Y'hovah in Shiloh.

9 j
And they went, the men, and they crossed in the land and they wrote of her, of the cities by seven ones being apportioned on being recorded. And they came in to Y'hoshu'a, to the being encamped, Shiloh.

10 y
And he threw for the them, Y'hoshu'a, lot in Shiloh before presences of Y'hovah, and he divided there, Y'hoshu'a, the land to sons of Yis'ra'el as ones being apportioned of them.

11 ay
And he came up lot of branch of sons of Bin'yamin to families of them, and he went out border of lot of them between sons of Y'hudah and between sons of Yoseph.

12 by
And he was for the them, the border, at end of to north from the Yar'den, and he went up, the border, to side of Y'richo from north, and he went up on the mount at west, and they were ones going out of him at wilderness of Beyt Aven.

13 gy
And he crossed from there, the border, to Luz, to side of at Luz, at south, she Beyt El, and he went down, the border, At'rot Adar on the mount that from south of Beyt Choron, lower.

14 dy
And he was drawn, the border, and he turned round to side of west to south from the mount that near presences of Beyt Choron to south, and he was ones going out of him to Qir'yat Ba'al, she Qir'yat Y'arim, city of sons of Y'hudah, this side of west.

15 hj
And edge of at south from end of Qir'yat Y'arim, and he went out the border to west and he went out to spring of waters of Neph'to'ach.

16 wj
And he went down, the border, to end of the mount that at presences of valley of Ben Hinom, that in valley of R'pha'im at North, and he went down, valley of Hinom, to side of the Y'vusi at south, and he went down Eyn Rogel.

17 zy
And he was drawn from north and he went out Eyn Shemesh, and he went out to G'lilot that right before of going up of Adumim, and he went down stone of Bohan, son of R'uven.

18 xy
And he crossed to side of what before the Aravah at north, and he went down to the Aravah.

19 jy
And he crossed, the border, to side of Beyt Chog'lah at north, and they were ones going out of him the border to L'shon, sea of the salt at north to end of the Yar'den at south; this border of south.

20 k
And the Yar'den he will border him to edge of east this being inherited of sons of Bin'yamin to borders of her being around about for families of them.

21 ak
And they were the cities to branch of sons of Bin'yamin to families of them: Y'richo, and Beyt Chog'lah, and Emeq Q'tsits;

22 bk
and Beyt hoAravah, and Ts'marayim, and Beyt El;

23 gk
and haAvim, and haParah, and Oph'rah;

24 dk
and Kh'phar haAmonah, and haOph'ni, and Gava, cities twos ten and ones being enclosed of them:

25 hk
Giv'on, and the Ramah, and B'erot;

26 wk
and haMits'peh, and haK'phirah, and haMotsah;

27 zk
and Reqem, and Yir'p'el, and Tar'alah;

28 xk
and Tsela, haEleph, and haY'vusi, she Y'rushalaim, Giv'at, Qir'yat, cities four ten and ones being enclosed of them, this being inherited of sons of Bin'yamin to families of them.

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