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1 a
Oh, one being filthy and one being defiled, the city, the one oppressing,

2 b
not she hearkened at voice, not she took chastening, in Y'hovah not she trusted, to Elohim of her not she approached.

3 g
Ones commanding of her in midst of her lions, ones roaring, ones judging of her wolves of evening, not they gnaw bones at the morning.

4 d
Prophets of her ones being wanton men of deceits; priests of her they profane holiness; they violate being instructed.

5 h
Y'hovah being righteous in midst of her, not he does injustice in the morning. In the morning being judged of him, he gives for the being light, not he fails and not knowing one being unjust shame.

6 w
I cut off nations, they are desolated, corners of them I made parched, outside of them from being no one passing, they are laid waste cities of them from being no man, from being no one sitting.

7 z
I said: 'Surely you will fear me, you will take chastening and not he will be cut off being dwelt of her, all of what I visited ones on her, instead they rise early, they corrupt all of deeds of them.

8 x
For the so wait for me, being declared of Y'hovah, for day to rise me to prey; indeed being judged of me to gather nations, to assemble me ones being reigned, to pour out ones on them indignation of me; all of being kindled of breathing hard of me, indeed with fire of zeal of me she will be consumed all of the earth.

9 j
Indeed then I will turn over to peoples lip, being pure, to call him, all of them, in name of Y'hovah, to serve him shoulder one.

10 y
From across to ones being flowed of Khush ones being abundant of me, daughter of ones being scattered of me, they will bear along being offered of me.

11 ay
In the day the he not you will be ashamed from all of deeds of you that you transgressed against me for then I will remove from midst of you ones being exultant of pride of you and not you will again to be exalted still in mount of holiness of me.

12 by
And I will leave in midst of you people being humble and being low, and they will seek refuge in name of Y'hovah.

13 gy
Remnant of Yis'ra'el not they will do injustice, and not they will speak being lied, and not he will be found in mouth of them tongue of being deceitful, since them, they will pasture, and they will lie down, and being no one making shudder.

14 dy
Shriek daughter of Tsiyon, shout Yis'ra'el; be brightened up and jump for joy with all of heart, daughter of Y'rushalaim.

15 hj
He removed, Y'hovah, ones being judged of you, he turned away ones being hostile of you; one reigning of Yis'ra'el, Y'hovah, in midst of you, not you fear being evil still.

16 wj
In the day the he he will be said of Y'rushalaim: 'Not you fear Tsiyon, not you let fall hands of you.'

17 zy
Y'hovah, Elohim of you, in midst of you one being mighty he will make free; he will be bright ones over you, with being brightened up he is silent in being loved of him, he will be glad ones over you with ringing cry.

18 xy
Ones grieving of from being appointed of I will gather from you, they are being taken up ones over her being taunted.

19 jy
Behold I making all of ones afflicting you at the time, the her, and I will make free the limping, and the being outcast of her I will gather and I will set them for praise and for name in all of the land of shame of them.

20 k
At the time the her I will make come in you, and at the time to gather me you, indeed I will give you for name and for glory among all of peoples of the earth when to turn back me captivity of you before eyes of you,' he says Y'hovah.




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