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~yiLih.t T'HILIM PSALMS 71

1 a
In you, Y'hovah, I seek refuge; not let me be ashamed to everlasting.

2 b
In ones being righteous of you you snatch away me and you make slip away me; incline ones to me ear of you and make free me.

3 g
Be to me for rock of being dwelt to come in continually, you charged to make free me, indeed rock of me and stronghold of me you.

4 d
Elohim of me make slip away me from hand of one being wicked from palm of one distorting and one being cruel.

5 h
Indeed you hope of me, Adonay Y'hovah, being trusted of me from ones being young of me.

6 w
Ones on you I was upheld from belly; from bowels of mother of me you severing me; on you praise of me continually.

7 z
As one being bright I am to ones being many, and you refuge of me being strong.

8 x
He is filled, mouth of me, being praised of you, all of the day, splendour of you.

9 j
Not you cast off me at time of being old; as to be finished strength of me not you forsake me.

10 y
Indeed they say, ones being enemy of me, to me, and ones guarding of soul of me they consult together,

11 ay
to say: 'Elohim he forsook him, pursue and seize him, indeed being no one making snatched away.'

12 by
Elohim not you be far from me, Elohim of me for one being help of me make haste.

13 gy

14 dy
And I being continual I will wait, and I will make add on all of being praised of you.

15 hj
Mouth of me he will recount righteousness of you all of the day being set free of you; indeed not I know ones being counted.

16 wj
I will come in with ones being mighty of Adonay Y'hovah, I will make mention of righteousness of you, at alone you.

17 zy
Elohim, you taught me from ones being young of me and to here I make clear ones being wonderful of you.

18 xy
And also to being old and being aged, Elohim, not you forsake me, until I make clear arm of you to generation, to all of he comes in, might of you.

19 jy

20 k

21 ak
You make much being great of me, and you are turned over, you comfort me.

22 bk

23 gk
They will shriek lips of me when I strum to the you, and soul of me that you ransomed.

24 dk

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