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~yiLih.t T'HILIM PSALMS 52

1 a
For the one overseeing. One having insight of David.

2 b
When to come in, Do'eg, the Adomi, and he made known to Sha'ul, and he said to him: 'He came in, David, to house of Achimelekh.'

3 g
Why you boast with being evil, the one being mighty? Mercy of El every of the day.

4 d
Ones engulfing she devises, tongue of you, like razor being sharpened, one doing deceit.

5 h
You love evil from good, being false from to speak righteousness. Selah.

6 w
You love all of ones being spoken of destruction, tongue of deceit.

7 z
Also El he will break down you to the perpetuity, he will take hold of you and he will tear away you from tent, and he will root out you from land of ones being alive. Selah.

8 x
And they will see, ones being righteous, and they will fear; and ones over him they will laugh.

9 j
Behold the one being strong not he puts Elohim stronghold of him and he trusts in being much of being accumulated of him; he is strong in being desired of him.

10 y
And I like olive, being green, in house of Elohim, I trust in mercy of Elohim, everlasting and ever.

11 ay
I thank you to everlasting that you did and I wait for name of you for being good before ones being merciful of you.

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