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~yiLih.t T'HILIM PSALMS 32

1 a
Of David. Having insight. Blessednesses of one being forgiven of being transgressed, one being covered of being sinned.

2 b
Blessednesses of man not he reckons, Y'hovah, to him iniquity, and being not in spirit of him deceit.

3 g
When I was silent they wore out bones of me through being moaned of me all of the day.

4 d
Indeed by day and night she was heavy ones on me, hand of you; she was turned, sap of me, in ones being dry of summer, Selah.

5 h
Being sinned of me I made known to you and iniquity of me not I covered over; I said: 'I confess ones over of ones being transgressed of me to Y'hovah, and you, you forgave iniquity of being sinned of me.' Selah.

6 w
Over this let him pray, every of one being merciful, to you at time of to find; surely at overflowing of waters, ones being many, ones to him not they reach.

7 z
You being hidden to me; from one making cramped you guard me; shrieks of being delivered you surround me. Selah.

8 x
I will make circumspect you and I will teach you in being trod of such; you will go, I will advise, ones on you eye of me.

9 j
Not you be like horse, like mule being not to discern, with bridle and bit adorning of him to hold not to approach ones to you.

10 y
Ones being many pains of the one being wicked, and the one trusting in Y'hovah kindness he surrounds him.

11 ay

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