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~yiLih.t T'HILIM PSALMS 30

1 a
Being strummed of being sung of being dedicated of the house of David.

2 b
I extol you, Y'hovah, indeed you drew up me and not you let brighten up ones being hostile of me at me.

3 g
Y'hovah, Elohim of me, I cried ones to you and you healed me.

4 d
Y'hovah you will make come up from Sh'ol soul of me, you will make alive me from to go down me pit.

5 h
Strum to Y'hovah ones being merciful of him and give thanks at being mentioned of holiness of him.

6 w
For twinkling in anger of him lives; at pleasure of him in the evening he abides weeping and at the morning ringing cry.

7 z

8 x
Y'hovah at pleasure of you you made stand at mountain of me strength; you hid faces of you, I was being terrified.

9 j
To you, Y'hovah, I call, and to Y'hovah I seek favour.

10 y
What being gained with blood of me when to go down me to pit; will he thank you dust? will he make clear faithfulness of you?

11 ay

12 by
You turned being mourned of me to being danced, for me you loosened sackcloth of me and you girded me being brightened up.

13 gy

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