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~yiLih.t T'HILIM PSALMS 26

1 a
Of David. Judge me Y'hovah, for I, in integrity of me, I go, and in Y'hovah I trust, not I waver.

2 b
Examine me Y'hovah, and test me, refine kidneys of me and heart of me.

3 g
For kindness of you at before eyes of me, and I walk in truth of you.

4 d
Not I sit with men of falsehood, and with ones dissembling not I will go in.

5 h
I hate being assembled of ones doing evil, and with ones being wicked not I sit.

6 w
I will wash in innocency palms of me and I will go about altar of you Y'hovah,

7 z
to make heard with voice of thanks and to declare all of ones being wonderful of you.

8 x
Y'hovah I love being dwelt of house of you and place of being resided of glory of you.

9 j
Not you gather with ones sinning, soul of me, and with men of bloods ones being alive of me;

10 y
Who in hands of them being indecent and right of them she is full bribe.

11 ay
And i, in integrity of me I will walk; ransom me and favour me.

12 by
Foot of me she stands on being strait, among ones being assembled I will praise Y'hovah.

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