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~yiLih.t T'HILIM PSALMS 145

1 a
Praise of David. I extol you Elohim of me, the one reigning, and I praise name of you to everlasting and ever.

NOTE: This is an acrostic psalm which shows that the first two words are actually an introduction as each verse starts with a letter of the alphabet in order, although the 'nun' verse is missing in the Masoretic text.

2 b
On every of day I praise you, and I praise name of you to everlasting and ever.

3 g
Being great Y'hovah and being praised very, and of greatness of him being no searching.

4 d
Generation to generation let him laud ones being done of you, and ones being mighty of you let them make clear.

5 h
Honour of glory of majesty of you and ones being spoken, ones being wonderful of you, I ponder.

6 w
And stoutness ones being awesome of you they say, and ones being great of you I recount.

7 z
Being mentioned of being much of goodness of you they pour forth, and righteousness of you they shriek.

8 x
Being gracious and being compassionate Y'hovah, being slow of breathings hard and being great of kindness.

9 j
Being good of Y'hovah to the all and compassions of him on all of ones being done of him.

10 y
Let them thank you Y'hovah, all of ones being done of you, and ones being faithful of you let them praise you.

11 ay
Glory of being reigned of you let them say, and might of you let them speak.

12 by
To make known to sons of the man ones being mighty of him and glory of splendour of being reigned of him.

13 gy
Being reigned of you being reigned of all of everlastings, and dominion of you through every of generation and generation.

NOTE: T'hilim 145 is an acrostic and the Nun verse as follows is missing from the Masoretic text:

!'m,a,n Ne'eman 539 (8737)

~yihAl/a e.lo.heem Elohim 430

wy'r'b.diB biD'varayv 1697

dyis'x.w v.kha.seed v'Chasid 2623

lAK.B b.kol b'Kol 3605

wy'f][;m ma.a.sav Ma'asayv 4639

Being faithful, Elohim, over ones being spoken of him, and being merciful with all of ones being done of him.

14 dy
Upholding Y'hovah to all of the ones falling and lifting up to all of the ones being bowed.

15 hj
Eyes of all to you they wait, and you giving to the them being eaten of them at time of him.

16 wj
Opening hand of you and making enriched for all of being alive being pleased.

17 zy
Being righteous Y'hovah in all of ones being trod of him and being merciful in all of ones being done of him.

18 xy
Being near Y'hovah to all of ones calling of him, to all of whom they call him over being true.

19 jy
Being desired of ones fearing of him he does, and being cried of them he hears and he makes free them.

20 k
One keeping, Y'hovah, all of ones loving him and every of the one being wrong he makes desolated.

21 ak
Praise of Y'hovah he will speak, mouth of me, and he will bless, all of flesh, name of being holy of him to everlasting and ever.

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