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~yiLih.t T'HILIM PSALMS 141

1 a
Being strummed of David. Y'hovah I called you, make haste to me; hearken voice of me when to call me to the you.

2 b
Let her be established, being prayed of me, before presences of you, being taken up of palms of me, being offered of evening.

3 g
Set Y'hovah watch to mouth of me; guard over door of lips of me.

4 d
Not you incline heart of me to being spoken being evil, to practise deeds in wickedness with men ones working of iniquity, and not let me eat with ones being agreeable of them.

5 h
Let him strike me, one being righteous, kindness, and let him reprove me; oil of head not let him refuse, head of me, indeed still; and being prayed of me over ones being evil of them.

6 w
They are thrown down on sides of rock ones judging of them; and they will hear ones being said of me, since they are agreeable.

7 z
As cleaving and splitting in the earth they are scattered, bones of us, at mouth of Sh'ol.

8 x
Indeed ones to you, Y'hovah, lords of me, eyes of me; in you I seek refuge not you lay bear soul of me.

9 j
Keep me from hands of trap they laid for me, and snares of ones working of iniquity.

10 y
Let them fall in ones being intertwined of him, ones being wicked, together, I until I pass.

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