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~yiLih.t T'HILIM PSALMS 109

1 a
To the one overseeing. Of David, being strummed. Elohey, praise of me, not you be silent;

2 b
For mouth of one being wicked and mouth of deceit against me they opened, they speak against me tongue of falsehood.

3 g
And ones being spoken of being hated they encompass me and they battle me undeservedly.

4 d
Instead of being loved of me they oppose me. and I, being prayed.

5 h
And they put ones on me being evil instead of being good and being hated instead of being loved of me.

6 w
Appoint ones over him one being wicked, and Satan let him stand on right of him.

7 z
When to be judged him let him go forth, one being wicked, and being prayed of him let her be for being sinned.

8 x
Let them be, days of him, ones being few, being overseen of him let him take one being other.

9 j
Let them be sons of him ones being orphaned and woman of him being widowed.

10 y
And to stagger they will stagger sons of him, and they will beg, and they will seek from ones being laid waste of them.

11 ay

12 by
Not let him be for him drawing out of mercy, and not let him be showing favour to orphans of him.

13 gy
Let him be end of him to make cut off; in generation one being other let him be blotted out name of them.

14 dy
Let him be remembered iniquity of fathers of him to Y'hovah; and being sinned of mother of him not let her be blotted out.

15 hj
Let them be before Y'hovah continually, and let him cut off from earth being mentioned of them.

16 wj
Because that not he remembered to do mercy and he pursued man being poor and being needy, and being despondent of heart, to kill.

17 zy
And he loved cursing, and she came in him; and not he was pleased in blessing, and she is far from him.

18 xy
And he wrapped cursing like being measured of him, and she went in like the waters in midst of him, and like the oil in bones of him.

19 jy
Let him be for him like garment he wraps, and for girdle being continual he is girded.

20 k
This being worked of ones opposing of me from Y'hovah, and the ones speaking being evil over soul of me.

21 ak
And you, Y'hovah, Adonay, do with me for sake of name of you for good mercy of you. Snatch away me.

22 bk
For poor and needy I and heart of me he is wounded in midst of me.

23 gk
Like shadow as to decline him I am gone, I am shaken like the locust.

24 dk
Knees of me they totter from fasting, and flesh of me he is lean from fatness.

25 hk
And I, I am taunt to the them; they see me, they shake head of them.

26 wk

27 zk
and they will know that hand of you this you Y'hovah, you did her.

28 xk
Let them curse, them, and you, you bless. They rise and they are ashamed, and servant of you he will brighten up.

29 jk
Let them wrap on, ones opposing me reproach, and let them wrap like the robe shame of them.

30 l
I confess Y'hovah greatly with mouth of me, and in midst of ones being many I praise him;

31 al
Indeed he will stand at right of being needy to make free from ones judging of soul of him.

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