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1 a
And they said ones to him, man of Ephrayim: 'What the being spoken the this you did to the us to not to call to the us when you went to fight with Mid'yan? And they contended with him in being strong.

2 b
And he said ones to them: 'What I did now like the you? Not being good ones being gleaned of Ephrayim from vintage of Avi'ezer?

3 g
In hand of you he gave, Elohim, ones commanding of Mid'yan, Orev and Z'ev, and what was I able to do like the you?' Then she slackened, spirit of them, from ones on him when to speak him the being spoken the this.

4 d
And he came in, Gid'on, to the Yar'den crossing he and three of hundreds of the man whom with him, ones being exhausted and ones pursuing.

5 h
And he said to men of Sukot: 'Give now rounds of bread to the people that at feet of me since ones being exhausted them, and I pursuing ones being after of Zevach and Tsal'muna, ones reigning of Mid'yan.'

6 w
And he said, ones commanding of Sukot: 'Palm of Zevach and Tsal'muna now in hand of you that we give to being amassed of you bread?'

7 z
And he said, Gid'on: 'For the so when to give, Y'hovah, Zevach and Tsal'muna in hand of me then I will thresh flesh of you with thorns of the wilderness and with the briers.'

8 x
And he went up from there, P'nu'el, and he spoke ones to them as the this, and they answered him, men of P'nu'el, as the how they answered men of Sukot.

9 j
And he said also to men of P'nu'el, to say: 'When to turn back me in being peaceful I will break down the tower the this.'

10 y
And Zevach and Tsal'muna in the Qar'qor and ones being encamped of them with them, about five ten thousand, all of the ones being left from all of being encamped of sons of east; and the ones falling hundred and twenties thousand man drawing sword.

11 ay
And he went up, Gid'on, being trod of the ones residing of in the tents from east of Novach and Yog'b'hah, and he struck the being encamped, and the being encamped he was being secure.

12 by
And they fled, Zevach and Tsal'muna, and he pursued ones being after of them, and he captured twos of ones reigning of Mid'yan, Zevach and Tsal'muna, and all of the being encamped he made shudder.

13 gy
and he turned back, Gid'on, son of Yo'ash, from the being fought from at going up of the sun.

14 dy
And he caught one being young from men of Sukot, and he enquired of him, and he wrote to him ones commanding of Sukot and ones being elder of her, seventies and seven man.

15 hj
And he came in to men of Sukot and he said: "Behold, Zevach and Tsal'muna whom you taunted me to say: 'Palm of Zevach and Tsal'muna now in hand of you that we give to men of you, the ones being weary, bread?'

16 wj
And he took ones being elder of the city and thorns of the wilderness and the briers and he made known with the them men of Sukot,

17 zy
and tower of P'nu'el he broke down and he killed men of the city.

18 xy
And he said to Zevach and to Tsal'muna: 'Where here the men whom you killed at Tavor?' And they said: 'Like the you like them, one like shape of sons of the one reigning.'

19 jy
And he said: 'Brothers of me, sons of mother of me, them. Being alive Y'hovah, if only you let live them not I will kill you.'

20 k
And he said to Yeter, firstborn of him: 'Rise, kill them.' And not he drew, the one being young, sword of him since he feared since still he being young.

21 ak
And he said, Zevach and Tsal'muna: 'Rise you and meet with the us since as the man might of him.' And he rose, Gid'on, and he killed Zevach and Tsal'muna, and he took the crescents that on necks of camels of them.

22 bk
And they said, man of Yis'ra'el, to Gid'on: 'Rule over the us, also you, also son of you, and son of son of you, since you made free us from hand of Mid'yan.'

23 gk
And he said ones to them, Gid'on: 'Not I will rule, I over the you, and not he will rule, son of me, over the you, Y'hovah he will rule over the you.'

24 dk
And he said ones to them, Gid'on: 'I ask from you being asked and give to me each ring of being stripped of him.' For rings of gold to the them since Yish'm'elim them.

25 hk
And they said: 'To give we will give.' And they spread the garment and they threw down to there each ring of being stripped of him.

26 wk
And he was being weighed of rings of the gold that he asked thousand and seven hundreds of gold at being apart of from the crescents, and the pendants, and garments of the purple, that on ones reigning of Mid'yan, and at being apart of from the adornaments that on necks of camels of them.

27 zk
And he made him, Gid'on, for Ephod, and he placed him in city of him, in Oph'rah. And they prostituted, all of Yis'ra'el, ones being after of him there, and he was for Gid'on and for house of him for snare.

28 xk
And he was humbled, Mid'yan, before presence of sons of Yis'ra'el, and not they did more to take up head of them, and she rested, the land, forties year in days of Gid'on.

29 jk
And he went, Y'ruba'al, son of Yo'ash, and he sat in house of him.

30 l
And of Gid'on they were seventies sons, ones going out of thigh of him since women, ones being many, they were of him.

31 al
And concubine of him, who in Sh'khem, she bore to him also her son, and he put name of him Avimelekh.

32 bl
And he died, Gid'on, son of Yo'ash, when being aged being good, and he was buried in being buried of Yo'ash, father of him, in Oph'rah, Avi haEz'ri.

33 gl
And he was as when he died, Gid'on, and they turned back, sons of Yisra'el, and they played harlot, ones being after of the B'alim, and they set for the them Ba'al B'rit for elohim.

34 dl
And not they remembered, sons of Yis'ra'el, Y'hovah, Elohim of them, the one snatching away them from hand of all of ones being hostile of them from being around about;

35 hl
And not they did kindness with house of Y'ruba'al, Gid'on, as all of the being good that he did with Yis'ra'el.




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