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1 a
And he rose early, Y'ruba'al, he Gid'on, and all of the people whom with him, and they encamped near Eyn Charod, and being encamped of Mid'yan he was of him from north, from hill of the Moreh in the valley.

2 b
And he said, Y'hovah, to Gid'on: 'Being many the people whom with you from to give me Mid'yan in hand of them, lest he glorifies himself ones over me, Yis'ra'el, to say: 'Hand of me she made free for me.'

3 g
And now, call now in ears of the people, to say: 'Who being afraid and trembling let him turn back and let him skip off from mount of the Gil'ad.' And he turned back from the people twenties and twos thousand, and ten of thousands he remained.

4 d
And he said, Y'hovah, to Gid'on: 'Still the people being many, make go down them to the waters and I will refine him for you there. And he will be whom I say ones to you: This let him go with you, he, let him go with you, and all of whom I say ones to you: This not let him go with you, he, not let him go.'

5 h
And he made go down the people to the waters, and he said, Y'hovah, to Gid'on: 'All of whom he laps with tongue of him from the waters as how he laps, the dog, you place him at being apart, and all of whom he kneels on knees of him to drink.'

6 w
And he was being counted of the ones lapping with hand of them to mouth of them three hundreds of man, and all of remainder of the people they bent on knees of them to drink waters.

7 z
And he said, Y'hovah, to Gid'on: 'With three of hundreds of the man, the ones lapping, I will make free you, and I will give Mid'yan in hand of you and all of the people let them go each to place of him.'

8 x
And they took provision, the people, in hand of them, and horns of them, and every of man of Yis'ra'el he sent each to tents of him, and with three of hundreds of the man he made strong. And being encamped of Mid'yan he was of him from beneath in the valley.

9 j
And he was in the night the he, and he said ones to him, Y'hovah: 'Rise, go down in the being encamped since I will give him in hand of you.

10 y
And if being afraid you to go down, go down you and Phurah, one being young of you, to the being encamped.

11 ay
And you hear what they say, and being after let them be strong, hands of you, and you go down among the being encamped.' And he went down, he and Phurah, one being young of him, to edge of the ones being five abreast whom among the being encamped.

12 by
And Mid'yan and Amaleq and all of sons of east ones falling in the valley as the locust for abundance, and to camels of them being not being counted as the sand that on lip of the sea for abundance.

13 gy
And he came in, Gid'on, and behold, man recounting to friend of him being dreamed, and he said: 'Behold being dreamed I dreamed: And behold, tumbling down, bread of barleys, overturning among being encamped of Mid'yan, and he came in to the tent, and he struck him, and he fell and he overturned him to being over, and he fell, the tent.'

14 dy
And he answered, friend of him, and he said: 'Being not this except indeed sword of Gid'on, son of Yo'ash, man of Yis'ra'el, he gave, the Elohim, in hand of him Mid'yan and all of the being encamped.'

15 hj
And he was as to hear, Gid'on, being recounted of the being dreamed and being broken of him and he bowed and he turned back to being encamped of Yis'ra'el, and he said: 'Rise since he will give, Y'hovah, in hand of you, being encamped of Mid'yan.'

16 wj
And he divided three of hundreds of the man three heads, and he gave horns in hand of all of them, and pitchers, ones being empty, and torches in midst of the pitchers.

17 zy
And he said ones to them: 'From me you see and thus you do. And behold, I going in at edge of the being encamped, and he shall be as how I do thus you do.

18 xy
and I will blow on the horn, I and all of who with me, and you blow on the horns, also you, ones being around about of all of the being encamped, and you say: 'For Y'hovah and for Gid'on.'

19 jy
And he went in, Gid'on and hundred man whom with him, at edge of the being encamped, head of the watch of the one being middle, scarcely to make rise he made rise, the ones watching, and they blew on the horns and to shatter the pitchers that in hand of them.

20 k
And they blew, three of the heads, on the horns and they shattered the pitchers, and they were firm in hand of left of them on the torches and in hand of right of them the horns to blow. And they shouted 'Sword for Y'hovah and for Gid'on.'

21 ak
And they stood, each, ones being place of him being around about of the being encamped; and he ran, all of the being encamped, and they shouted, and they fled.

22 bk
And they blew three of hundreds of the horns, and he set, Y'hovah, sword of man on being associated of him and in all of the being encamped, and he fled, the being encamped, to Beyt haShitah at Ts'rerat to lip of Avel M'cholah near Tabat.

23 gk
And he was called together man of Yis'ra'el from Naph'tali and from Asher and from all of M'nasheh, and they pursued ones being after of Mid'yan.

24 dk
And ones being delegated he sent, Gid'on, in all of mount of Eph'rayim, to say: 'Go down to meet Mid'yan and capture of the them the waters to Beyt Barah and the Yar'den.' And he was called together every of man of Eph'rayim and they captured the waters to Beyt Barah and the Yar'den.

25 hk
And they captured twos of ones commanding of Mid'yan, Orev and Z'rev, and they killed Orev at rock of Orev, and Z'ev they killed at winepress of Z'ev, and they pursued to Mid'yan, and head of Orev and Z'ev they made go in to Gid'on from across of the Yar'den.




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