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1 a
And they made add, sons of Yis'ra'el, to do the being evil in eyes of Y'hovah, and Ehud he died.

2 b
And he sold them, Y'hovah, in hand of Yavin, one reigning of K'na'an, whom he reigned in Chatsor, and one commanding of being amassed of him Sisra, and he sitting in Charoshet of the nations.

3 g
And they cried, sons of Yis'ra'el, to Y'hovah since nine of hundreds being ridden of iron to him, and he, he oppressed sons of Yis'ra'el in being strong twenties year.

4 d
And D'vorah woman prophetess, woman of Lapidot, she judging Yis'ra'el at the time the her.

5 h
And she sitting beneath palm of D'vorah, between the Ramah and between Beyt El on mount of Eph'rayim; and they went up ones to her, sons of Yis'ra'el, for the being judged.

6 w
And she sent and she called to Baraq, son of Avino'am, from Qedesh, Naph'tali, and she said ones to him: 'Not he charged, Y'hovah, Elohim of Yis'ra'el, go and you draw in mount of Tavor and you take with you ten of thousands man from sons of Naph'tali and from sons of Z'vulun?

7 z
And I will draw ones to you to valley of Qishon: Sis'ra, one commanding of being amassed of Yavin and chariot of him and multitude of him, and I will give him in hand of you?

8 x
And he said ones to her, Baraq: 'If you go with me then I will go, and if not you go with me not I will go.'

9 j
And she said: 'To go I will go with you being end that not she is splendour of you on the being trod that you going since in hand of woman he will sell, Y'hovah, Sis'ra.' And she rose, D'vorah, and she went with Baraq to Qedesh.

10 y
And he summoned, Baraq, Z'vulun and Naph'tali to Qedesh, and he went up on feet of him ten of thousands of man, and she went up with him, D'vorah.

11 ay
And Chever, the Qeyni, being separate from Qayin, from sons of Chovav, father in law of Mosheh, and he stretched out tent of him upto Elon, in Tso'anayim, that Qedesh.

12 by
And they made clear to Sis'ra that he went up, Baraq, son of Avino'am, mount of Tavor.

13 gy
And he summoned, Sis'ra, all of being ridden of him, nine hundreds of being ridden of iron, and all of the people whom with him from Charoshet of the nations to valley of Qishon.

14 dy
And she spoke, D'vorah, to Baraq: 'Rise, for this the day that he will give, Y'hovah, Sis'ra in hand of you. Not Y'hovah he will go out before presences of you?' And he went down, Baraq, from mount of Tavor, and ten of thousands man ones being after of him.

15 hj
And he routed, Y'hovah, Sis'ra, and all of the being ridden, and all of the being encamped, at end of sword before presences of Baraq. And he went down, Sis'ra, from on the being ridden and he fled on feet of him.

16 wj
And Baraq he pursued ones being after of the being ridden and ones being after of the being encamped upto cutting of the nations. And he fell, all of being encamped of Sis'ra, at end of sword, not he was left upto one.

17 zy
And Sis'ra he fled on feet of him to tent of Ya'el, woman of Chever, the Qeyni, since being peaceful between Yavin, one reigning of Chatsor, and between house of Chever, the Qeyni.

18 xy
And she went out, Ya'el, to meet Sis'ra, and she said ones to him: 'Turn aside, Adoni, turn aside to me, not you fear.' And he turned aside ones to her, to the tent, and she covered him with the covering.

19 jy
And he said ones to her: 'Give drink now little of waters since I am thirsty.' And she opened skin of the milk and she gave drink him, and she covered him.

20 k
And he said ones to her: 'Stand opening of the tent and he will be if man he comes in and he asks you and he says: Being here man? And you say: Being not.'

21 ak
And she took, Ya'el, woman of Chever, stake of the tent and she put the hammer in hand of her and she went in ones to him in the secret and she drove the stake in temple of him and she drove down in the earth, and he being asleep and he was faint and he died.

22 bk
And behold Baraq pursuing Sis'ra, and she went out, Ya'el, to meet him, and she said to him: 'Come and I will show you the man whom you seeking.' And he went in ones to her and behold Sis'ra lying being dead and the stake in temple of him.

23 gk
And he subdued, Elohim, in the day the he Yavin, one reigning of K'na'an, before presences of sons of Yis'ra'el.

24 dk
And she went, hand of sons of Yis'ra'el, to go and being hard over Yavin, one reigning K'na'an, until when they cut off Yavin, one reigning of K'na'an.




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