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1 a
And these the nations whom he left, Y'hovah, to test on the them, Yis'ra'el, all of whom not they knew any of ones being fought of K'na'an;

2 b
only to sake of to know generations of sons of Yis'ra'el to teach them being fought, only that before presences not they knew them;

3 g
five tyrants of Ph'lish'tim, and all of the K'na'ani, and the Tsidoni, and the Chivi, sitting of mount of the L'vanon, from mount of Ba'al Cher'mon upto to go in Chamat.

4 d
and they were to test on the them, Yis'ra'el, to know will they hearken ones being charged of Y'hovah, that he charged fathers of them by hand of Mosheh?

5 h
And sons of Yis'ra'el they sat in midst of the K'na'ani, the Chiti, and the Emori, and the P'rizi, and the Chivi, and the Y'vusi;

6 w
and they took daughters of them for the them for women and daughters of them they gave to sons of them; and they served Elohim of them.

7 z
And they did, sons of Yis'ra'el, the being evil in eyes of Y'hovah, and they forgot Y'hovah, Elohim of them, and they served the B'alim and the Asherot.

8 x
And he was kindled, breathing hard of Y'hovah, with Yis'ra'el, and he sold them in hand of Kushan Rish'atayim, one reigning of Aram Naharayim, and they served, sons of Yis'ra'el, Kushan Rish'atayim eight years.

9 j
And they cried, sons of Yis'ra'el, to Y'hovah, and he made rise, Y'hovah, one making free for sons of Yis'ra'el, and he made free them Ot'ni'el, son of Q'naz, brother of Khalev, the one being little from him.

10 y
And she was ones on him, spirit of Y'hovah, and he judged Yis'ra'el, and he went to the being fought and he gave, Y'hovah, in hand of him Kushan Rish'atayim, one reigning of Aram, and she prevailed, hand of him, over Kushan Rish'atayim.

11 ay
And she rested, the land, forties year; and he died, Ot'ni'el, son of Q'naz.

12 by
And they made add, sons of Yis'ra'el, to do the being evil in eyes Y'hovah, and he made strong, Y'hovah, Eg'lon, one reigning of Mo'av, on Yis'ra'el over that they did the being evil in eyes Y'hovah.

13 gy
And he gathered ones to him sons of Amon and Amaleq, and he went and he struck Yis'ra'el, and they occupied city of the palms.

14 dy
And they served, sons of Yis'ra'el, Eg'lon, one reigning of Mo'av, eight ten year.

15 hj
And they cried, sons of Yis'ra'el, to Y'hovah and he made rise, Y'hovah, for the them one making free, Ehud, son of Gera, son of the Y'mini, man being bound hand right of him, and they sent, sons of Yis'ra'el, by hand of him being offered to Eg'lon, one reigning of Mo'av.

16 wj
And he made for him, Ehud, knife, and of the her twos of edges, half cubit length of her; and he girded her from beneath of of being measured of him on thigh being right of him.

17 zy
And he made approach the being offered to Eg'lon, one reigning of Mo'av. And Eg'lon man being fat very.

18 xy
And he was as when he finished to make approach the being offered, and he sent off the people, ones bearing of the being offered.

19 jy
And he, he turned back from the ones being carved that with the Gil'gal, and he said: 'Being spoken of being hidden of me ones to you the one reigning.' And he said: '

20 k
And Ehud he went in ones to him, and he sitting in the roof chamber, the one being quiet that of him, at being alone him, and he said, Ehud: 'Being spoken of Elohim to me ones to you.' And he rose from on the seat.

21 ak
And he stretched out, Ehud, hand of left of him and he took the knife from on thigh of right of him and he thrust her in belly of him.

22 bk
And he went in also the hilt being after of the gleaming and he shut up the fat about the gleaming since not he drew out the sword from belly of him, and he came out the faeces.

23 gk
And he went forth, Ehud, the porch, and he shut up doors of the roof chamber behind him and he barred.

24 dk
And he, he went forth and servants of him they came in and they saw, and behold doors of the roof chamber ones being barred; and they said: 'Surely making screened he feet of him in the being enclosed of the one being quiet.'

25 hk
And they were anxious until to be ashamed. And behold being not him opening doors of the roof chamber. And they took the one making open and they opened, and behold, lords of them lying at earth being dead.

26 wk
And Ehud he escaped while to wait them, and he, he passed the ones being carved and he escaped to the Sh'irat.

27 zk
And he was when to come in him and he blew on the horn in mount of Eph'rayim, and they went down with him, sons of Yis'ra'el, from the mount and he before presences of them.

28 xk
And he said ones to them: 'Pursue ones being after of me since he gave, Y'hovah, ones being hostile of you, Mo'av, in hand of you.' And they went down ones being after of him and they captured crossings of the Yar'den of Mo'av, and not they gave man to cross.

29 jk
And they struck Mo'av at the time the her about ten of thousands man, all of being robust, and every of man of force, and not he escaped man.

30 l
And she was subdued, Mo'av, in the day the he beneath hand of Yis'ra'el; and she rested, the land, eighties year.

31 al
And ones being after of him he was Sham'gar, son of Anat, and he struck P'lish'tim six hundreds of man with goad of the ox and he made free also he Yis'ra'el.




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