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1 a
And he was, ones being after of death Y'hoshu'a, that they asked sons of Yis'ra'el, with Y'hovah to say: 'Who will he go for us to the K'na'ani in the beginning to fight with him?'

2 b
And he said, Y'hovah: 'Y'hudah, he will go up. Behold, I will give the land into hand of him.'

3 g
And he said, Y'hudah, to Shim'on, brother of him: 'Come up with me in lot of me and let us fight with the K'na'ani, then let me go, also me, with you in lot of you.' And he went with him, Shim'on.

4 d
And he went up, Y'hudah, and he gave, Y'hovah, the K'na'ani and the P'rizi, in hand of them, and they struck them at Vezeq, ten thousands man.

5 h
And they found Adoni Vezeq in Vezeq and they fought with him, and they struck the K'na'ani and the P'rizi.

6 w
And he fled, Adoni Vezeq, and they pursued, ones being after of him, and they seized him, and they cut off digits of hands of him and feet of him.

7 z
And he said, Adoni Vezeq: 'Seventies ones reigning, digits, hands of them and feet of them, ones being cut off, they are ones picking up under table of me. as how I did thus he recompensed to me, Elohim.' And they made go in him Y'rushalaim, and he died there.

8 x
And they fought, sons Y'hudah, with Y'rushalaim, and they captured her, and they struck her, at end of sword, and the city they sent with the fire.

9 j
And being after they went down, sons of Y'hudah, to fight with the K'na'ani one sitting of the mount, and the Negev, and the lowland.

10 y
And he went, Y'hudah, to the K'na'ani, the one sitting in Chev'ron, and name of Chev'ron before presences Qir'yat Ar'ba, and they killed Sheshay, and Achiman and Tal'may.

11 ay
And he went from there to ones sitting of D'vir, and name D'vir before presences Qir'yat Sepher.

12 by
And he said, Kalev: 'Who he strikes Qir'yat Sepher and he captures her, and I will give to him Akh'sah, daughter of me, for woman.'

13 gy
And he captured her, Ot'ni'el, son of Q'naz, brother of Kalev, the one being little from him, and he gave to him Akh'sah, daughter of him, for woman.

14 dy
And he was, when to come in her, and she incited him to ask from father of her the field. And she got down from on the donkey and he said to the her, Kalev: 'What of the you?'

15 hj
And she said to him: 'Give to me blessing since land of the Negev you gave me, and you give to me springs of waters.' And he gave to her, Kalev, springs of being upper and springs of being lower.

16 wj
And sons of Qeyni, one being father in law Mosheh, they went up from city of the T'marim with sons of Y'hudah, wilderness of Y'hudah, that in Negev, Arad, and he went and he sat with the people.

17 zy
And he went, Y'hudah, with Shim'on, brother of him, and they struck the K'na'ani sitting of Ts'phat, and they exterminated her. And he called name of the city Chor'mah.

18 xy
And he captured, Y'hudah, Azah and border of her, and Ashq'lon and border of her, and Eq'ron and border of her.

19 jy
And he was, Y'hovah, with Y'hudah, and he made occupied the mount; since not to make occupied ones sitting of the valley for being ridden of iron to the them.

20 k
And they gave to Khalev, Chev'ron, as how he said, Mosheh. And he made occupied from there three sons of the Anaq.

21 ak
And the Y'vusi sitting of Y'rushalaim, not they made occupied sons of Bin'yamin, and he sat the Y'vusi with sons of Bin'yamin in Y'rushalaim to the day, the this.

22 bk
And they went up, house of Yoseph, also them, Beyt El, and Y'hovah with them.

23 gk
And they made meander, house of Yoseph, in Beyt El and name of the city before presences Luz.

24 dk
And they saw, the ones keeping, man going out from the city, and they said to him: 'Show us now going in of the city and we will do with you being kind.'

25 hk
And he showed them going in of the city and they struck the city at end of the sword, and the man and all of family of him they let go.

26 wk
And he went the man land of the Chitim and he built city and he called name of her Luz, he name of her upto the day the this.

27 zk
And not he made occupied, M'nasheh, Beyt Sh'an and daughters of her, and Ta'nakh and daughters of her, and ones dwelling of Dor, and daughters of her, and ones dwelling of Yiv'l'am, and daughters of her, and ones dwelling of M'gido, and daughters of her, and he undertook, the K'na'ani, to dwell in the land the this.

28 xk
And he was when he was strong, Yis'ra'el, and he put the K'na'ani to the being levied, and to to make occupied not he made occupied him.

29 jk
And Eph'rayim not he made occupied the K'na'ani, the one sitting in Gazer, and he sat, the K'na'ani, in midst of him in Gazer.

30 l
Z'vulun, not he made occupied ones sitting of Qit'ron, and ones sitting of Nahalol, and he sat the K'na'ani in midst of him, and they were at the being levied.

31 al
Asher, not he made occupied ones sitting of Ako, and ones sitting of Tsidon, and Ach'lav, and Akh'ziv, and Chel'bah, and Aphiq, and R'chov.

32 bl
And he sat, the Asheri, in midst of the K'na'ani, ones sitting of the land, since not he made occupied him.

33 gl
Naph'tali, not he made occupied ones sitting of Beyt Shemesh, and ones sitting of Beyt Anat, and he sat in midst of the K'na'ani, ones sitting of the land. And ones sitting of Beyt Shemesh and Beyt Anat they were for the them at the being levied.

34 dl
And they pressed, the Emori, sons of Dan at the mount since not he gave him to go down to the valley.

35 hl
And he undertook, the Emori, to sit in mount Cheres, in Ayalon and in Sha'al'vim, and she was heavy, hand of house of Yoseph, and they were at the being levied.

36 wl
And border of the Emori from going up of Aq'rabim from the rock and above.

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