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1 a
In the days the them being no one reigning in Yis'ra'el, and in the days the them branch of the Dani seeking for him being inherited to sit since not she fell to him upto the day the he in midst of branches of Yis'ra'el in being inherited.

2 b
And they sent, sons of Dan, from family of them five men from ends of them, men, sons of force, from Tsor'ah and from Esh'ta'ol, to walk along the land and to search out her. And they said ones to them: 'Go, search out the land.' And they went in mount of Eph'rayim upto house of Mikhah and they lodged there.

3 g
Them with house of Mikhah, and them, they recognised voice of the one being young, the Levi, and they turned aside there, and they said to him: 'Who to make go in you here? And what you doing at the this? And what of you here?'

4 d
And he said ones to them: 'As the this and as the this he did for me, Mikhah, and he hired me and I am to him for priest.'

5 h
And they said to him: 'Ask now with Elohim and let us know will she prosper, being trod of us, that we ones going ones on her?'

6 w
And he said to the them, the priest: 'Go at being peaceful, right before Y'hovah being trod of you that you go on the her.'

7 z
And they went, five of the men, and they went in to Layish, and they saw the people who in midst of her sitting at the being secure like being judged of Tsidonim, resting and trusting and being no one making ashamed, being spoken in the land of occupying one restraining, and ones being distant them from Tsidonim, and being spoken being not of the them with man.

8 x
And they went in to brothers of them, Tsor'ah and Esh'ta'ol, and they said to the them, brothers of them: 'What you?'

9 j
And they said: 'Rise and let us go up ones on them for we saw the land and behold being good very, and you ones being silent, not you be sluggish to go, to go in to occupy the land.

10 y
As to go in you you go in to people trusting and the land being broad of hands, indeed he will give her, Elohim, in hand of you, place where being not there being needed of any of being spoken that in the earth.

11 ay
And they uprooted from there, from family of the Dani, from Tsor'ah and from Esh'ta'ol, each being girded articles of being fought.

12 by
And they went up and they encamped in Qir'yat Y'arim, in Y'hudah, over thus they called for the place the he, 'Machaneh Dan' until the day the this; behold, ones being after of Qir'yat Y'arim.

13 gy
And they crossed from there mount of Eph'rayim and they came in to house of Mikhah.

14 dy
And they answered, five of the men, the ones going to walk along the land of Layish, and they said to brothers of them: 'Know you that being in the houses the these ephod, and t'raphim, and one being hewn, and one being poured out? And now know what you did.'

15 hj
And they turned aside to there, and they came in to house of the one being young, the Levi, house of Mikhah, and they asked of him about being peaceful.

16 wj
And six hundreds man, ones being girded articles of being fought of them, ones being stationed opening of the gate, whom from sons of Dan.

17 zy
And they went up, five of the men, the ones going to walk along the land, they came in at there, they took the being carved and the ephod, and the t'raphim, and the being poured out; and the priest being stationed opening of the gate, and six hundreds of the man, the being girded articles of the being fought.

18 xy
And these they went in house of Mikhah and they took one being carved, the ephod, and the t'raphim, and the being poured out, and he said ones to them, the priest: 'What you ones doing?'

19 jy
And they said to him: 'Be silent. Put hand of you over mouth of you and come with us and be for the us for father and for priest. Good to be you priest for house of man one or to be you priest for branch and for family in Yis'ra'el?'

20 k
And he was pleased, heart of the priest, and he took the ephod and the t'raphim and the being carved, and he went in in midst of the people.

21 ak
And they turned and they went, and they set the one skipping, and the livestock, and the stately before presences of them.

22 bk
Them, they went far from house of Mikhah and the men who in the houses that with house of Mikhah they were called together and they followed closely sons of Dan.

23 gk
And they called to sons of Dan. And they turned faces of them, and they said to Mikhah: 'What of you that you were called together?'

24 dk
And he said: 'Elohim of me that I made you took, and the priest, and you went, and what to me still? And what this you say to me: What of the you?'

25 hk
And they said ones to him, sons of Dan: 'Not you make heard voice of you with us lest they meet with the you, men, ones being bitter of soul, and you gather soul of you and soul of house of you.

26 wk
And they went, sons of Dan, to being trod of them, and he saw, Mikhah, that ones being strong them from him, and he turned, and he turned back to house of him.

27 zk
And them, they took what he made, Mikhah, and the priest who he was of him, and they went in on Layish, on people resting and trusting, and they struck them at end of sword and the city they burned with the fire.

28 xk
And being no one making snatched away since being afar she from Tsidon, and being spoken being not to the them with man, and she in the valley that of Beyt R'chov, and they built the city and they sat in the her

29 jk
And they called name of the city Dan, over name of Dan, father of them, who he was born to Yis'ra'el, but nevertheless, Layish name of the city at the one being first.

30 l
And they made rise for the them, sons of Dan, the being carved, and Y'honatan, son of Ger'shom, son of M'nasheh, he and sons of him, they were priests to branch of the Dani until day to be uncovered the land.

31 al
And they put for the them one being carved of Mikhah that he made all of days of to be house of the Elohim in Shiloh.




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