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1 a
And being after they went in, Mosheh and Aharon, and they said to Par'oh: 'Thus he said, Y'hovah, Elohim of Yis'ra'el: Let go people of me and let them celebrate for me in the wilderness.'

2 b
And he said, Par'oh, who Y'hovah that I hearken at voice of him to send off Yis'ra'el? Not I know Y'hovah and indeed Yis'ra'el not I will send off.

3 g
And they said: 'Elohim of the Iv'rim he encountered ones upon us, let us go now being trod of three of days in the wilderness, and let us slaughter to Y'hovah, Elohim of us, lest he meets us with the pestilence or with the sword.'

4 d
And he said ones to them, one reigning of Mits'rayim: 'For the what, Mosheh and Aharon, you make loose the people from ones being done of him? Go to burdens of you.'

5 h
And he said, Par'oh: 'Lo, ones being many now people of the land, and you make cease them from burdens of them.'

6 w
And he charged, Par'oh, in the day the he the ones driving on the people, and ones officiating of him, to say:

7 z
'Not you do more to give straw to the people to make the bricks as how before formerly; them, let them go and let them gather for the them straw,

8 x
and being measured of the bricks, that they ones making before formerly, you set ones on them, not you diminish from him, for ones being idle them, over thus them ones crying out, to say: 'Let us go, let us slaughter to Elohim of us.'

9 j
She shall be hard the service on the men, and they shall do at the her, and not they shall gaze at on ones being spoken of being false.'

10 y
And they went, ones driving of the people, and ones officiating of him, and they said to the people, to say: 'Thus he says, Par'oh: Being not me giving to the you straw.

11 ay
You, go, take for you straw from where you find, indeed being not being withdrawn from service of you being spoken.'

12 by
And he scattered, the people, over all of land of Mits'rayim to gather stubble for the straw,

13 gy
and the ones driving, ones pressing, to say: 'Complete ones being work of you, being spoken of day in day of him, as how when to be the straw.'

14 dy
And they were beaten ones officiating of sons of Yis'ra'el, whom they put ones over them, ones driving of Par'oh, to say: 'What reason not you fulfilled being decreed of you to make as how before formerly, also how before also the day?

15 hj
And they came in, ones officiating of sons of Yis'ra'el, and they cried to Par'oh, to say: 'For the what you do thus to servants of you?

16 wj
Straw being not being given to servants of you and bricks ones saying to the us: 'Make', and behold, servants of you ones being beaten and he incurs guilt people of you.'

17 zy
And he said: 'Ones being idle you, ones being idle over thus you ones saying: Let us go, let us slaughter to Y'hovah.

18 xy
And now, go work, and straw not he will be given to the you and being measured of bricks you give.'

19 jy
And they saw, ones officiating of sons of Yis'ra'el, them in being evil, to say: 'Not you diminish from bricks of you being spoken of day by day of him.'

20 k
And they met Mosheh and Aharon, ones being stationed to meet them, when to go out them from Par'oh.

21 ak
And they said ones to them: 'Let him look, Y'hovah, ones on you, and let him judge how you made odious, odour of us, in eyes of Par'oh, and in eyes of servants of him, to give sword in hand of them to kill us.'

22 bk
And he turned back, Mosheh, to Y'hovah, and he said: 'Y'hovah, for the what you do evil to the people the this? For the what this you sent me?

23 gk
And from then I came in to Par'oh to speak in name of you he did evil to the people and to snatch away not you snatched away people of you.'

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