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1 a
And he spoke, Y'hovah, to Mosheh to say:

2 b
See, I call by name B'tsal'el, son of Uri, son of Chur, of branch of Y'hudah;

3 g
and I filled him spirit of Elohim with wisdom, and with understanding, and with knowledge, and with all of being delegated;

4 d
to devise ones being devised to do with the gold, and with the silver, and with the bronze;

5 h
and with the cutting of stone to fulfil, and with the cutting of timber to make with all of being delegated.

6 w
And I, behold, I give with him Oholi'av, son of Achisamakh, of branch of Dan, and in heart of all of being wise of heart I give wisdom, and let them make all of what I charged you;

7 z
tent of being appointed, and the chest of the being testified, and the covering, that ones on him, and all of articles of the tent;

8 x
and the table, and articles of him, and the lampstand, the being pure, and all of articles of her, and altar of the being made smoke;

9 j
and altar of the being made go up, and all of articles of him, and the laver, and base of him;

10 y
and garments of the being plaited and garments of the being holy for Aharon, the priest, and garments of sons of him to be priest.

11 ay
And oil of the anointing and being made smoke of the ones smelling sweet for the being holy as all of what I charged you they shall do.

12 by
And he said, Y'hovah, to Mosheh, to say:

13 gy
And you, speak to sons of Yis'ra'el to say: Only sabbaths of me you keep since sign she between me and between you, to generations of you, to know that I Y'hovah, one sanctifying you.

14 dy
And you keep the Sabbath since being holy she to the you, one profaning her to die he will die. Indeed every of the one doing on the her being delegated, then she will be cut off, the soul the her, from midst of peoples of her.

15 hj
Six of days let him be done being delegated, and on the day the seventh sabbath of sabbath rest, being holy of Y'hovah, every of the one doing being delegated on day of the sabbath to die he shall die.

16 wj
And they shall keep, sons of Yis'ra'el, the Sabbath, to make the Sabbath to generations of them, covenant of everlasting,

17 zy
between me and between sons of Yis'ra'el sign she to everlasting for six of days he made, Y'hovah, the heavens and the earth and on the day the seventh he rested and he took breath.'

18 xy
And he gave to Mosheh, as to finish him to speak with him on mount of Sinay, twos of tablets of the being witnessed, tablets of stone, ones being written by finger of Elohim.

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