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1 a
And Bo'az he went up the gate and he sat there, and behold, the one redeeming crossing when he spoke, Bo'az, and he said: 'Turn aside, sit here, being definite, being certain.' And he turned aside and he sat.

2 b
And he took ten men from ones being elder of the city, and he said: 'Sit down here.' And they sat down.

3 g
And he said to the one redeeming: 'Being apportioned of the field that of brother of us, of Elimelekh, she sells, No'omi, the one turning back from field of Mo'av.

4 d
And I, I said I will uncover ear of you to say buy before the ones sitting and before ones being elder of people of me. If you will redeem redeem, and if not he will redeem make clear to me and I will know for being no ones being except of you to redeem and I ones being after of you.' And he said: 'I, I will redeem.'

5 h
And he said, Bo'az: 'On day to buy you the field from hand of No'omi and from Rut, the Mo'aviyah, woman of the one being dead, you buy to make rise name of the one being dead over being inherited of him.'

6 w
And he said, the one redeeming: 'Not I am able to redeem for me lest I destroy being inherited of me. Redeem for you, you, being redeemed of me since not I am able to redeem.'

NOTE: The fifth word is pointed -lw'a.gil incorrectly to conform to the Masoretic system.

7 z
And this before ones being present in Yis'ra'el over the being redeemed and over the being exchanged and to ratify all of being spoken; he draws off, man, sandal of him and he gives to being associated of him; and this the being testified in Yis'ra'el.

8 x
And he said, the one redeeming, to Bo'az: 'Buy for you.' And he drew off sandal of him.

9 j
And he said, Bo'az, to the ones being elder, and all of the people: 'Ones being witness you the day, that I bought all of what of Elimelekh, and all of what of Khil'yon, and Mach'lon, from hand of No'omi,

10 y
and also Rut, the Mo'aviyah, woman of Mach'lon, I bought for me for woman to make rise name of the one being dead over being inherited of him and not he will be cut off name of the one being dead from with brothers of him, and from gate of place of him. Ones being witness, you, the day.'

11 ay
And they said, all of the people who in the gate, and the ones being elder: 'Ones being witness. Let him give, Y'hovah, the woman, the one coming in to house of you, as Rachel and as Le'ah, whom they built, twos of them, house of Yis'ra'el, and make force in at Eph'rat, and call name in Beyt Lachem.

12 by
And let him be house of you as house of Perets whom she bore, Tamar, to Y'hudah from the seed that he gives, Y'hovah, to you from the maiden the this.'

13 gy
And he took, Bo'az, Rut and she was for him for woman. And he went in ones to her and he gave, Y'hovah, to her conception and she bore son.

14 dy
And they said, the women, to No'omi: 'Being praised Y'hovah who not he made cease for the you one redeeming the day and let him be called name of him in Yis'ra'el.

15 hj
And he will be for the you for one making turn back soul and to sustain being aged of you for daughter in law of you, whom she loves you, she bore him, whom she being good for the you from seven sons.'

16 wj
And she took, No'omi, the child and she put him at bosom of her and she was for him for one supporting.

17 zy
And they called for him, the ones being resident, name to say: 'He was born son of No'omi.' And they called name of him Oved, he father of Yishay, father of David.

18 xy
And these ones being brought forth of Parets, Perets he begat Chets'ron;

19 jy
and Chets'ron he begat Ram and Ram he begat Aminadav;

20 k
and Aminadav he begat Nach'shon and Nach'shon he begat Sal'mah;

21 ak
and Sal'mon he begat Bo'az and Bo'az he begat Oved;

22 bk
and Oved he begat Yishay and Yishay he begat David.

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