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1 a
yityia'r.w v'Ra'iti 7200 (8804) rev6#2
r,v]a;K ka.a.sher kaAsher 834 rev6#12
x;t'P pa.takh Patach 6605 (8804) rev6#3
h,F;h haSeh 7716 rev6#16
d'x,a e.khad Echad 259 rev6#11
t;[.biVim miShiv'at 7651 rev17#1
tAm'tAx'h ha.kho.ta.mot haChotamot 2368
yiT[;m'v.w v'Shama'ti 8085 (8804) rev6#6
t;x;a a.khat Achat 259
[;B.r;aem meAr'ba 702
tAY;x;h ha.kha.yot haChayot 2416 rev6#6
t,r,mAa Omeret 559 (8802) rev6#3
lAq.K k.kol k'Qol 6963 rev9#9
~;[;r Ra'am 7482 rev14#2
aAB bo Bo 935 (8798)
hea.rW ur.e uR'eh 7200 (8798) rev6#5:

And I saw as when he opened, the lamb, one from seven of the seals, and I heard one from four of the ones being alive saying as sound of thunder: 'Come in and see.'

2 b
yityia'r.w v'Ra'iti 7200 (8804) rev6#5
heNih.w v'Hineh 2009 rev6#8
sWs sus Sus 5483 rev6#4
!'b'l la.van Lavan 3836 rev14#14
bevAY;h.w v.ha.yo.shev v'haYoshev 3427 (8802) rev6#4
wy'l'[ a.lav Alayv 5921 rev6#4
vey yesh Yesh 3426 rev6#5
Al lo Lo 0 rev6#2
t,v,q ke.shet Qeshet 7198
h'n.Tin.w v'Nit'nah 5414 (8738) rev6#4
Al lo Lo 0 rev6#4
t,r,j][ a.te.ret Ateret 5850 rev9#7
a'c'y.w v.ya.tsa v'Yatsa 3318 (8804) rev6#4
;xeC;n.m M'natse'ach 5329 (8764)
yed.K k'Dey 1767 rev6#4
x;C;n.Y,v sheY'natsach 5329 (8760) :

And I saw, and behold, horse, being white, and one sitting on him being to him bow, and she was given to him wreath, and he went forth overcoming as ones being needed of that he overcame.

3 g
r,v]a;k.w v.kha.a.sher v'khaAsher 834 rev6#5
x;t'P pa.takh Patach 6605 (8804) rev6#5
t,a et Et 853 rev6#3
~'tAx;h ha.kho.tam haChotam 2368 rev6#5
yineV;h ha.she.nee haSheni 8145 rev8#8
yiT[;m'v Shama'ti 8085 (8804) rev6#5
t,a et Et 853 rev6#4
h'Y;x;h ha.kha.ya haChayah 2416 rev6#5
h'Yin.V;h haSh'niyah 8145
t,r,mAa Omeret 559 (8802) rev6#7
aAB bo Bo 935 (8798) :

And as when he opened the seal, the one being second, I heard the one being alive, the one being second, saying: 'Come in.'

4 d
a'c'y.w v.ya.tsa v'Yatsa 3318 (8804) rev14#20
sWs sus Sus 5483 rev6#5
rex;a a.kher Acher 312 rev8#3
~od'a a.dom Adom 122
bevAY;h.w v.ha.yo.shev v'haYoshev 3427 (8802) rev6#5
wy'l'[ a.lav Alayv 5921 rev6#5
h'n.Tin Nit'nah 5414 (8738)
Al lo Lo 0 rev6#4
loJil li.tol Litol 2904
t,a et Et 853 rev6#4
h'w.l;V:h haShalvah 7962
!im min Min 4480 rev6#10
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev6#8
yed.K k'Dey 1767 rev8#3
Wx.B.jiY,v she.yit.b.khu sheYit'b'chu 2873 (8799)
h,z ze Zeh 2088
t,a et Et 854 rev6#5
h,z ze Zeh 2088
h'n.Tin.w v'Nit'nah 5414 (8738) rev6#11
Al lo Lo 0 rev6#5
b,r,x khe.rev Cherev 2719 rev13#14
h'lAd.G G'dolah 1419 rev6#13:

And he went forth, horse, one being other, one being red, and one sitting on him he was given to him to take away the prosperity from the earth as ones being needed of that he slaughter this with this, and she was given to him sword, being great.

5 h
r,v]a;k.w v.kha.a.sher v'khaAsher 834 rev6#7
x;t'P pa.takh Patach 6605 (8804) rev6#7
t,a et Et 853 rev6#5
~'tAx;h ha.kho.tam haChotam 2368 rev6#7
yivyil.V;h hash.lee.shee haSh'lishi 7992 rev8#10
yiT[;m'v Shama'ti 8085 (8804) rev6#7
t,a et Et 853 rev6#7
h'Y;x;h ha.kha.ya haChayah 2416 rev6#7
tyivyil.V;h hash.lee.sheet haSh'lishit 7992
t,r,mAa Omeret 559 (8802) rev6#5
aAB bo Bo 935 (8798)
hea.rW ur.e uR'eh 7200 (8798) rev6#7
yityia'r.w v'Ra'iti 7200 (8804) rev6#8
heNih.w v'Hineh 2009
sWs sus Sus 5483 rev6#8
rAx'v sha.khor Shachor 7838
bevAY;h.w v.ha.yo.shev v'haYoshev 3427 (8802) rev6#8
wy'l'[ a.lav Alayv 5921 rev6#8
vey yesh Yesh 3426 rev6#8
Al lo Lo 0 rev6#8
~iy;n.zaom Moznayim 3976
Ad'y.B b'Yado 3027 rev10#2:

And as when he opened the seal the third I heard the one being alive, the third, saying: 'Come in and see.' And I saw, and behold, horse, one being black, and one sitting on him being to him scales in hand of him.

6 w
yiT[;m'v.w v'Shama'ti 8085 (8804) rev7#4
lAq kol Qol 6963 rev9#13
!yeB ben Beyn 996
[;B.r;a Ar'ba 702 rev7#1
tAY;x;h ha.kha.yot haChayot 2416 rev7#11
remAa o.mer Omer 559 (8802) rev8#13
b;q kav Qav 6894
~yiJix khi.teem Chitim 2406
r'nyid.B b.dee.nar b'Dinar 1783A rev6#6
h'vol.vW ush.lo.sha uSh'loshah 7969
~yiB;q ka.beem Qabim 6894
~yirA[.f s.o.reem S'orim 8184
r'nyid.B b.dee.nar b'Dinar 1783A rev6#6
!,m,V;l.w v'laShemen 8081
!iy;Y;l.w v'laYayin 3196
l;a al Al 408
qyiZ;T ta.zeek Taziq 5143 :

And I heard sound between four of the ones being alive saying: 'Qav wheats with Dinar and three Qabim barleys with Dinar, and to the oil and to the wine not you injure.'

7 z
r,v]a;k.w v.kha.a.sher v'khaAsher 834 rev6#9
x;t'P pa.takh Patach 6605 (8804) rev6#9
t,a et Et 853 rev6#7
~'tAx;h ha.kho.tam haChotam 2368 rev6#9
yi[yib.r'h haR'vi'i 7243 rev8#12
yiT[;m'v Shama'ti 8085 (8804) rev9#16
t,a et Et 853 rev6#9
h'Y;x;h ha.kha.ya haChayah 2416
tyi[yib.r'h har.vee.eet haR'vi'it 7243
t,r,mAa Omeret 559 (8802) rev14#13
aAB bo Bo 935 (8798)
hea.rW ur.e uR'eh 7200 (8798) :

And as when he opened the seal the fourth I heard the one being alive, the fourth, saying: 'Come in and see.'

8 x
yityia'r.w v'Ra'iti 7200 (8804) rev6#12
heNih.w v'Hineh 2009 rev11#14
sWs sus Sus 5483 rev19#11
q;r.q;r.y y.rak.rak Y'raq'raq 3422
bevAY;h.w v.ha.yo.shev v'haYoshev 3427 (8802) rev7#15
wy'l'[ a.lav Alayv 5921 rev11#5
vey yesh Yesh 3426 rev8#9
Al lo Lo 0 rev6#8
t,w'm Mavet 4194 rev12#11
lAa.vw ush.ol uSh'ol 7585
taecAy yo.tset Yotset 3318 (8802) rev11#5
wy'r]x;a a.kha.rav Acharayv 310 rev14#8
!;Tin.w v'Nitan 5414 (8737) rev9#1
Al lo Lo 0 rev7#2
!Aj.liv shil.ton Shil'ton 7983 rev9#3
l;[ al Al 5921 rev6#10
[;b,r Reva 7253
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev6#8
gor]h;l la.ha.rog laHarog 2026 (8800)
b,r,x;B ba.khe.rev baCherev 2719 rev13#10
b'['r'bW uvaRa'av 7458
t,w'M;bW uvaMavet 4194
yed.y-l;[.w v'Al Y'dey 5921 3027
t'Y;x kha.yat Chayat 2416 rev11#7
@,r,J;h ha.te.ref haTereph 2964 rev11#7
l,v shel Shel 0 rev6#16
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev6#10:

And I saw, and behold, horse, being pale green, and the one sitting ones on him being to him death, and Sh'ol going forth ones being after of him, and being given to him power over quarter of the earth to kill with the sword, and with the famine, and with the death, and at hands of one being alive of the one tearing, that of the earth.

9 j
r,v]a;k.w v.kha.a.sher v'khaAsher 834 rev8#1
x;t'P pa.takh Patach 6605 (8804) rev6#12
t,a et Et 853 rev6#9
~'tAx;h ha.kho.tam haChotam 2368 rev6#12
yivyim]x;h ha.kha.mee.shee haChamishi 2549 rev9#1
yityia'r Ra'iti 7200 (8804) rev7#1
t;x;Tim mi.ta.khat miTachat 8478
;xeB.ziM;l laMiz'be'ach 4196
t,a et Et 853 rev6#10
tAv.p;n naf.shot Naphshot 5315
~yixWb.J;h haT'vuchim 2873
!;[;m.l l'Ma'an 4616 rev12#4
r;b.d d.var D'var 1697 rev12#11
~yihol/a'h ho.e.lo.heem hoElohim 430 rev7#15
!;[;m.lW ul'Ma'an 4616 rev20#4
tWde['h ha.e.dut haEdut 5715
h't.y'h,v she.hay.ta sheHay'tah 1961 (8804) rev17#8
~,h'l la.hem laHem 1992 :

And as when he opened the seal, the fifth, I saw from beneath of the altar souls of the ones being slaughtered for sake of being spoken of the Elohim and for sake of the being testified that she was of the them.

10 y
~eh.w v.hem v'Hem 1992 rev11#12
Wq]['c tsa.a.ku Tsa'aqu 6817 (8804)
lAq.B b.kol b'Qol 6963 rev7#2
lAd'G ga.dol Gadol 1419 rev7#2
~'r.m'a.B b'Am'ram 559 (8800) rev6#16
d;[ ad Ad 5704 rev6#11
y;t'm ma.tay Matay 4970
h'woh.y Y'hovah 3068 rev11#17
vAd'Q;h ha.ka.dosh haQadosh 6918 rev16#5
yiTim]a'h ha.a.mi.tee haAmiti 571 rev6#10
!yea en Eyn 369
h'T;a a.ta Atah 859
jepAv sho.fet Shophet 8199 (8802) rev19#11
~eqAn.w v'Noqem 5358 (8802)
t,a et Et 853 rev6#12
Wnem'D Damenu 1818
!im min Min 4480 rev7#13
~yir'G;h haGarim 1481 (8802) rev11#10
l;[ al Al 5921 rev6#16
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev6#15:

And them, they cried with voice, being great in to say them: 'Until when, Y'hovah, the one being holy, the one being faithful, being not you judging and avenging bloods of us from the ones sojourning on the earth?'

11 ay
h'n.Tin.w v'Nit'nah 5414 (8738) rev6#11
lok.l l.khol l'Khol 3605 rev9#4
d'x,a e.khad Echad 259 rev7#13
d'x,a.w v.e.khad v'Echad 259 rev13#3
~,hem me.hem Mehem 1992 rev8#12
h'myil.G G'limah 1545
h'n'b.l L'vanah 3836
r;m/a,n.w v'Ne'emar 559 (8738)
~,h'l la.hem laHem 1992
WxWn'Y,v sheYanuchu 5117 (8799)
dA[ od Od 5750 rev7#16
!;m.z Z'man 2165
j;[.m M'at 4592 rev12#12
d;[ ad Ad 5704 rev7#3
yiK kee Ki 3588 rev6#17
Wa.l.miy yim.l.u Yim'l'u 4390 (8799)
~;g gam Gam 1571 rev10#7
~,hyetyim][ a.mee.te.hem Amiteyhem 5997
tWreV;B ba.she.rut baSherut 8335
~,hyex]a;w va.a.khe.hem vaAcheyhem 251
~yidyit]['h ha.a.tee.deem haAtidim 6257 (8693) rev8#13
ger'heh.l l.he.ha.reg l'Hehareg 2026 rev11#5
~,hAm.K K'mohem 3644 :

And she was given to every of one and one from them wrapping, being white, and he was said to them that they rest while being appointed little of until when they fulfil also associates of them in the service and brothers of them, the ones being made ready, to be killed like them.

12 by
yityia'r.w v'Ra'iti 7200 (8804) rev7#2
r,v]a;K ka.a.sher kaAsher 834 rev6#13
x;t'P pa.takh Patach 6605 (8804) rev8#1
t,a et Et 853 rev7#1
~'tAx;h ha.kho.tam haChotam 2368 rev8#1
yiViV;h ha.shi.shee haShishi 8345 rev9#13
;[Wz][;z.w v'Za'azu'a 2113 rev8#5
lAd'G ga.dol Gadol 1419 rev7#2
h'y'h ha.ya Hayah 1961 (8804)
v,m,V;h.w v.ha.she.mesh v'haShemesh 8121 rev9#2
h't.y'h hoy.ta Hoy'tah 1961 (8804)
h'rAx.v sh.kho.ra Sh'chorah 7838
q;f.K k.sak k'Saq 8242
r'[ef Se'ar 8181
;xer'Y;h.w v'haYare'ach 3394 rev12#1
h'y'h ha.ya Hayah 1961 (8804)
~'d.K k.dam k'Dam 1818 :

And I saw as when he opened the seal the sixth, and shaking being great he was, and the sun she was black like sackcloth of hair, and the moon he was like blood,

13 gy
yeb.kAk.w v'Khokh'vey 3556
~iy;m'V;h haShamayim 8064 rev8#10
Wl.p'n Noph'lu 5307 (8804) rev11#16
h'c.r;a ar.tsa Ar'tsah 776
h'nea.T;K kaT'enah 8384 *
h'kyil.v;M;h ha.mash.lee.kha haMash'likhah 3445
'hy,G;P pa.gei.ha Pageiha 6291
r,v]a;K ka.a.sher kaAsher 834 rev18#9
ayih hee Hi 1931 rev13#10
t,l,j.luj.m m.tul.te.let M'tul'telet 2901
yed.y-l;[ Al Y'dey 5921 3027
;xWr ru.akh Ru'ach 7307
h'lAd.G G'dolah 1419 rev11#11:

and stars of the heavens they fell to earth like the fig, the one casting down fruits of her as when being spun at hands of wind, being great.

14 dy
~iy;m'V;h.w v'haShamayim 8064 rev20#11
Wd.r'P.tin nit.por.du Nit'por'du 6504
r,pes.K k'Sepher 5612
l'l.giN,v she.nig.lal sheNig'lal 1556
lok.w v.khol v'Khol 3605
~yir'h,h he.ha.reem heHarim 2022 rev6#15
lok.w v.khol v'Khol 3605 rev6#15
~yiyia'h ha.i.yeem haI'yim 339
W['z za.u Za'u 2111
~,hyetAmAq.Mim miM'qomoteyhem 4725 :

And the heavens they were divided like being recorded that he is rolled, and all of the mountains and all of the isles they were shaken from places of them.

15 hj
yek.l;mW u.mal.khe uMal'khey 4428 rev18#3
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev7#1
~yidyig.N;h.w v.han.gee.deem v'haN'gidim 5057
yer'f.w v'Sarey 8269
~yip'l]a'h haAlaphim 505
~yiryiv]['h.w v.ha.a.shee.reem v'haAshirim 6238
~yiq'z]x;h.w v'haChazaqim 2389
lok.w v.khol v'Khol 3605 rev7#11
d,b,[ e.ved Eved 5650 rev15#3
!yirAx-!,bW u.ven-kho.reen uVen Chorin 1121 2352 rev13#16
WryiT.sih Histiru 5641 (8689)
~'m.c;[ ats.mam Ats'mam 6106
tAr'[.M;B bam.a.rot baM'arot 4631
ye[.l;s.bW uv.sal.e uv'Saley 5553
~yir'h,h he.ha.reem heHarim 2022 :

And ones reigning of the earth, and the ones being leaders, and ones commanding of the thousands, and the ones being rich, and the ones being strong, and every of servant, and son of freedom, they hid self of them in the caves and among rocks of the mountains,

16 wj
~'r.m'a.B b'Om'ram 559 (8800) rev7#10
~yir'h,l le.ha.reem leHarim 2022
~yi['l.S;l.w v'laS'la'im 5553 Niph'lu 5307 (8798)
Wnyel'[ Aleynu 5921
WryiT.s;h.w v'Has'tiru 5641 (8798)
Wn'tAa Otanu 853
yen.Pim miP'ney 6440 rev12#14
bevAY;h ha.yo.shev haYoshev 3427 (8802) rev7#10
l;[ al Al 5921 rev7#1
aeSiK;h haKise 3678 rev7#9
Am.[;ZimW umiZamo 2195
l,v shel Shel 0 rev6#17
h,F;h haSeh 7716 rev7#9:

when to say them to the mountains and to the rocks: 'Fall ones on us and hide us from presences of the one sitting on the throne, and from indignation of him, that of the lamb,

17 zy
yiK kee Ki 3588 rev7#17
a'B ba Ba 935 (8802) rev11#14
~AY;h ha.yom haYom 3117 rev16#14
lAd'G;h haGadol 1419 rev9#14
l,v shel Shel 0 rev7#14
Am.[;z Za'mo 2195 rev14#10
yimW u.mee uMi 4310
lAk'y ya.khol Yakhol 3201 (8804)
dom][;l la.a.mod laAmod 5975 (8800) :

for coming in the day, the being great, that of indignation of him. And who he is able to stand?'




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