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1 a
And I saw heavens, ones being new, and earth, one being new, for the heavens, the ones being first, and the earth, the one being first, they passed, and the sea being not him still;

2 b
and the city, the one being holy, Y'rushalayim, the one being new, I saw coming down from the heavens, from the Elohim, being made ready as bride being adorned for man of her.

3 g
And I heard voice, being great, from the heavens, saying: 'Behold tabernacle of Elohim with sons of the man, and he will dwell with them, and them, they will be to him for people, and he, the Elohim with them, he will be to the them for Elohim.

4 d
And he will wipe every of tear from eyes of them, and the death not he will be still, and no mourning, and no outcry, indeed no pain he will be still for the ones being first they passed.

5 h
And he said, the one sitting on the throne: 'Behold they are finished for the ones being new making I.' And he said: 'Write because of that these the ones being spoken ones being faithful and ones being true them.

6 w
And he said to me: 'They are: I Aleph and Tav, the head and the end, I, I will give to the one being thirsty from springs of the waters.

7 z
Who whom overcoming he will inherit these and I will be to him for Elohim, and he, he will be to me for son.

8 x
Nevertheless for the ones being cowards, and the failing of ones believing, and the ones sinning, and the ones being abominable, and the ones killing, and the ones being harlot, and the ones being sorcerers, and ones serving the ones being worthless, and all of the ones cheating, portion of them in the lake, the one burning with fire and brimstone, which he the death, the one being second.

9 j
And he came in, one from seven of the ones being delegated, that being to the them seven of the dishes, the ones being full with seven of the ones being struck, the ones being last, and he spoke to me in to say him: 'Come in, I will show to you the bride, woman of him that of the lamb.'

10 y
And he carried me in the spirit to mount, being great and being high, and he showed me the city, the one being holy, Y'rushalayim, coming down from the heavens, from the Elohim,

11 ay
in to be to the her splendour of the Elohim light of her being similar to stone, being precious very, like stone of jasper, the one being similar to bdellium.

12 by
And being to the her wall, being great and being high, that twos ten gates to the her, and at the gates twos ten ones being delegated, and names, ones being written on them, that them names of twos ten branches of sons of Yisra'el.

13 gy
From rising three gates, and from north three gates, and from south three gates, and from setting three gates.

14 dy
And wall of the city being to her twos ten foundations and on them twos ten names that of twos ten ones being sent of the lamb.

15 hj
And the he, whom he spoke to me, she was to him measure, reed of gold, for sake of he measure the city, and gates of her, and wall of her.

16 wj
And the city daughter of four corners she, and length of her being equal to width of her, and he measured the city with the reed: twos ten thousand stadia, and length of her, and width of her, and height of her, ones being equal them.

17 zy
And he measured wall of her: hundred and forties and four cubits, measure of man, which she measure of one being delegated.

18 xy
And building of wall of her jasper, and the city gold, being pure, similar to glass, being pure.

19 jy
And foundations of wall of the city ones being adorned with every of stone, being precious. The foundation, the first, diamond; the one being second sapphire; the third beryl; the fourth emerald;

20 k
the fifth carbuncle; the sixth ruby; the seventh jasper; the eighth onyx; the ninth topaz; the tenth agate; the one ten ligure; the twos ten amethyst.

21 ak
And twos ten the gates twos ten pearls them, every of one from the gates pearl, and the being open, the being wide, that of the city, gold, being pure, like glass shining.

22 bk
And temple not I saw in her for Y'hovah, one holding the all, he the temple and the lamb.

23 gk
And the city being not to her needing with sun, and not with moon that he make light for her, for glory of Elohim he will make light her, and lamp of her the lamb;

24 dk
and they will go, the nations, whom they are set free, by light of her, and ones reigning of the earth ones making come in to her glory of them and honour of the nations.

25 hk
And gates of her not they will be closed in the day for night being not there;

26 wk
and they will make come in to her glory of the nations and he will honour them.

27 zk
And not he will gather ones to her any of being unclean, and one doing being loathesome and being false, rather only these whom ones being written in being recorded of the ones being alive that of the lamb.

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