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1 a
And I saw one being delegated coming down from the heavens that to him one making open of the deep and chain, one being great, in hand of him,

2 b
and he seized the dragon, the serpent, the one being ancient, whom he the one slandering and the one being attacker, who he made err all of world, and he bound him for thousand of years.

3 g
And he cast him to the deep and he shut and he sealed over him as ones being needed of that not still he make err the nations until when they are finished thousand of the years; nevertheless ones being after of these being needed that he will be loosed for being appointed being little.

4 d
And I saw thrones and they sat ones on them and judgement being given to the them, and I saw the souls, whom they were slaughtered for sake of being testified of Yeshu'a and for sake of being spoken of the Elohim, as when not they bowed to one being alive, the one tearing, and not to image of her, and not they received the being designated on foreheads of them and on hands of them, and them, they lived and they reigned with the one being anointed thousand of years.

5 h
And being left of the ones being dead not they lived until when they were finished, thousand of the years. This she the being made rise, the one being first.

6 w
Being happy he and being holy who whom being to him share in the being made rise, the one being first; over these being not to the death, the one being second, power, but they will be priests to Elohim and to the one being anointed, and they will reign with him thousand of years.

7 z
And as when they are finished, thousand of the years, he will be loosed, the Satan, from house of making yoked of him.

8 x
and he will go forth to make err the nations that in four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them to the being fought when being counted of them like sand of the sea.

9 j
and them, they will go up to breadth of the earth, and they will encompass camp of the ones being holy and the city, the one being cherished, and she will come down, fire, from the Elohim, from the heavens, and she will consume them.

10 y
And the one accusing, whom he made err them, he will be cast down to the lake of the fire and the brimstone, where there also one being alive, the one tearing, and prophet of the falsehood, and they are afflicted by day and night to everlastings of everlastings.

11 ay
And I saw throne, being white, being great, and the one sitting ones on him, that they fled from presences of him, the earth and the heavens, and place not he was found for the them.

12 by
And I saw the ones being dead, the ones being great and the ones being little, ones standing before presences of the throne, and ones being recorded they were opened, and one being recorded one being other he was opened, which that of the ones being alive he, and they were judged, the ones being dead, from midst of the ones being spoken that ones being written in the ones being recorded at end of ones being done of them.

13 gy
And he gave, the sea, the ones being dead that in him, and the death and the Sh'ol they gave the ones being dead that in the them, and they were judged every of one at end of ones being done of him.

14 dy
And the death and the Sh'ol they were cast down to the lake of the fire. This he the death the one being second: lake of the fire.

15 hj
And who whom not he is found being written in being recorded of the ones being alive he will be cast down to the lake of the fire.

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