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1 a
tAa.w v.ot v'Ot 226
lAd'G ga.dol Gadol 1419 rev12#3
h'a.rin nir.a Nir'ah 7200 (8738)
~iy;m'V;B baShamayim 8064 rev12#3
h'Via i.sha Ishah 802 rev17#3
h'vWb.l L'vushah 3847 (8803) rev17#4
v,m,v she.mesh Shemesh 8121
;xer'Y;h.w v'haYare'ach 3394
t;x;T ta.khat Tachat 8478
'hy,l.g;r rag.lei.ha Rag'leiha 7272
l;[.w v'Al 5921 rev12#3
H'vaor ro.sha Roshah 7218
t,r,j][ a.te.ret Ateret 5850 rev14#14
l,v shel Shel 0 rev13#8
r'f'[-~yen.v sh.nem-a.sar Sh'neym Asar 8147 6235 rev21#12
~yib'kAK ko.kha.veem Kokhavim 3556 :

And sign, being great, he was seen in the heavens, woman being wrapped about sun and the moon being under of feet of her, and on head of her wreath that of twos ten stars,

2 b
H'tAy.hibW uVih'yotah 1961 (8800)
h'r'h ha.ra Harah 2030
h'q]['c tsa.a.ka Tsa'aqah 6817 (8804)
ayih.w v.hee v'Hi 1931
h'l'x Chalah 2342 (8802)
t,l,B;x.timW uMit'chabelet 2254
t,d,l'l la.le.det laLedet 3205 (8800) rev12#4:

and in to be her having conceived she cried and she writhing and travailing to bring forth.

3 g
h'a.rin.w v.nir.a v'Nir'ah 7200 (8738)
tAa ot Ot 226 rev15#1
rex;a a.kher Acher 312 rev14#6
~iy;m'V;B baShamayim 8064 rev12#7
heNih.w v'Hineh 2009 rev14#14
!yiN;T ta.neen Tanin 8577
vea esh Esh 784
lAd'G ga.dol Gadol 1419 rev12#10
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev12#6
vey yesh Yesh 3426 rev13#1
Al lo Lo 0 rev12#12
h'[.biv shiv.a Shiv'ah 7651 rev12#3
~yiva'r ra.sheem Ra'shim 7218 rev13#1
r,f,[.w v.e.ser v'Eser 6235 rev17#3
~iy;n.r;q Qarnayim 7161 rev13#1
l;[.w v'Al 5921 rev13#1
wy'va'r ra.shav Ra'shayv 7218
h'[.biv shiv.a Shiv'ah 7651 rev15#1
~yir'z.n N'zarim 5145 rev13#1:

And he was seen, sign, one being other, in the heavens, and behold dragon of fire, one being great, that being to him seven heads and ten horns, and on heads of him seven crowns;

4 d
Ab'n.zW uZ'navo 2180
[;j'q ka.tal Qatal 6991
vyil.v sh.leesh Sh'lish 7992 rev12#4
yeb.kAK Khokh'vey 3556
~iy;m'V;h haShamayim 8064 rev13#13
lyijeh.w v.he.teel v'Hetil 2904 (8689) rev12#15
~'tAa o.tam Otam 853 rev13#7
#,r'a'l la.a.rets laArets 776 rev12#12
!yiN;T;h.w v.ha.ta.neen v'haTanin 8577 rev12#7
demA[ Omed 5975 (8802) rev14#1
h'y'h ha.ya Hayah 1961 (8804)
yen.pil liPh'ney 6440 rev12#10
h'Via'h ha.i.sha haIshah 802 rev12#13
h'dyit]['h ha.a.tee.da haAtidah 6264
t,d,l'l la.le.det laLedet 3205 (8800)
!;[;m.l l'Ma'an 4616 rev12#6
l;kaoy yo.khal Yo'khal 398 (8799)
t,a et Et 853 rev12#5
H'n.B B'nah 1121
r,v]a;K ka.a.sher kaAsher 834 rev17#6
deleT te.led Teled 3205 (8799) :

and tail of him he cut off third of stars of the heavens, and he cast them to the earth, and the dragon standing he was before presences of the woman, the one being made ready to bring forth, for sake to eat son of her as when she brought forth.

5 h
ayih.w v.hee v'Hi 1931
h'd.l'y yol.da Yol'dah 3205 (8804)
!eB ben Ben 1121
r'k'z za.khar Zakhar 2145 mat19#4
dyit'[,h he.a.teed heAtid 6257 (8693)
tA[.ril lir.ot liR'ot 7462 (8800)
t,a et Et 853 rev12#9
l'K kol Kol 3605 rev13#7
~yiyAG;h ha.go.yeem haGoyim 1471 rev14#8
j,bev.B b'Shevet 7626
l,z.r;B bar.zel Bar'zel 1270 rev19#15
H'n.bW uV'nah 1121
@;j.x,n nekh.taf Nech'taph
l,a el El 413 rev12#14
~yihol/a'h ho.e.lo.heem hoElohim 430 rev13#6
l,a.w v.el v'El 413
Aa.siK kis.o Kis'o 3678 rev13#2:

And she, she brought forth son, male, the one being made ready to tend all of the nations with rod of iron, and son of her he was caught up to the Elohim and to throne of him;

6 w
h'Via'h.w v.ha.i.sha v'haIshah 802 rev17#18
r'B.diM;l laMid'bar 4057 rev12#14
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev12#10
~'v sham Sham 8033 rev12#6
h'y'h ha.ya Hayah 1961 (8804)
H'l la Lah 0 rev13#1
~Aq'm ma.kom Maqom 4725
!'kWm mu.khan Mukhan 3559 (8716)
teaem meEt 853 rev20#9
~yihol/a e.lo.heem Elohim 430 rev12#17
!;[;m.l l'Ma'an 4616 rev13#15
'hWl.K.l;k.y Y'khal'k'luha 3634
~'v sham Sham 8033 rev12#14
@,l,a e.lef Eleph 505 rev14#20
~iy'ta'mW uMatayim 3967
~yiviv.w v.shi.sheem v'Shishim 8346
~yim'y ya.meem Yamim 3117 rev12#6:

and the woman she fled to the wilderness where there she was for the her place being made ready from Elohim for sake of they complete her there thousand and two hundreds and sixties days.

7 z
h'm'x.limW uMil'chamah 4421
h't.y'h hoy.ta Hoy'tah 1961 (8804) rev12#10
~iy;m'V;B baShamayim 8064 rev12#8
lea'kyim mee.kha.el Mikha'el 4317
wy'k'a.l;mW u.mal.a.khav uMal'akhayv 4397 rev12#7
Wa.c'y yats.u Yats'u 3318 (8804)
~ex'Lih.l l'Hilachem 3898 (8736) rev13#4
~i[ im Im 5973 rev12#17
!yiN;T;h ha.ta.neen haTanin 8577 rev12#9
!yiN;T;h.w v.ha.ta.neen v'haTanin 8577
wy'k'a.l;mW u.mal.a.khav uMal'akhayv 4397 rev12#9
Wm]x.lin Nil'chamu 3898 (8738) :

And being fought she was in the heavens; Mikha'el, and ones being delegated of him, they went forth to fight with the dragon, and the dragon, and ones being delegated of him, they fought,

8 x
aol.w v.lo v'Lo 3808 rev12#8
Wl.k'y Yokh'lu 3201 (8804)
aol.w v.lo v'Lo 3808 rev12#11
a'c.min nim.tsa Nim'tsa 4672 (8738) rev14#5
dA[ od Od 5750 rev17#10
~'mAq.m m.ko.mam M'qomam 4725
~iy;m'V;B baShamayim 8064 rev12#10:

and not they were able, and not he was found still, place of them, in the heavens.

9 j
%;l.vuh.w v.hush.lakh v'Hush'lakh 7993 (8717)
!yiN;T;h ha.ta.neen haTanin 8577 rev12#13
lAd'G;h haGadol 1419 rev12#14
v'x'N;h haNachash 5175 rev12#14
qyiT;['h ha.a.teek haAtiq 6267
a'r.qiN,v she.nik.ra sheNiq'ra 7121 (8738) rev16#16
!yiv.l;m mal.sheen Mal'shin 3960
!'j'f.w v'Satan 7854
h,[.t;M;h ha.mat.e haMat'eh 8582 (8688)
t,a et Et 853 rev12#11
lebeT te.vel Tevel 8398 rev16#14
H'LuK Kulah 3605
%;l.vuh hush.lakh Hush'lakh 7993 (8717) rev12#10
l;[ al Al 5921 rev12#13
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev12#13
wy'k'a.l;mW u.mal.a.khav uMal'akhayv 4397
Wk.l.vuh hush.l.khu Hush'l'khu 7993 (8717)
AMi[ Imo 5973 rev17#14:

And he was cast down, the dragon, the one being great, the snake, the one being ancient, who he is called one slandering and one opposing, the one making err world, all of her, he was cast down on the earth and ones being delegated of him they were cast down with him.

10 y
yiT[;m'v.w v'Shama'ti 8085 (8804) rev14#2
lAq kol Qol 6963 rev14#2
lAd'G ga.dol Gadol 1419 rev14#2
~iy;m'V;B baShamayim 8064 rev13#6
remAa o.mer Omer 559 (8802) rev14#13
te['K kaEt 6256
h't.y'h hoy.ta Hoy'tah 1961 (8804) rev13#2
h'[Wv.y;h hay.shu.a haY'shu'ah 3444 rev19#1
h'rWb.G;h.w v'haG'vurah 1369 rev19#1
tWk.l;M;h.w v.ha.mal.khut v'haMal'khut 4438
l,v shel Shel 0
Wnyehol/a Eloheynu 430 rev12#10
!Aj.liv.w v.shil.ton v'Shil'ton 7983 rev13#2
Axyiv.m m.shee.kho M'shicho 4899
yiK kee Ki 3588 rev12#12
%;l.vuh hush.lakh Hush'lakh 7993 (8717)
ger.j;q.m m.kat.reg M'qat'reg 7000AN
Wnyex]a Acheynu 251
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev12#14
ger.jiq kit.reg Qit'reg 0
~,hyel][ a.le.hem Aleyhem 5921 rev17#9
yen.pil liPh'ney 6440 rev13#13
Wnyehol/a Eloheynu 430 rev19#5
~'mAy yo.mam Yomam 3119 rev14#11
h'l.y;l'w vaLay'lah 3915 rev14#11:

And I heard voice, being great, in the heavens, saying: 'As the time she is the being set free and the might, and the being reigned that of Elohim of us, and power of one being anointed of him for he is cast down, one accusing brothers of us, who he accused ones over them before presences of Elohim of us by day and night;

11 ay
~eh.w v.hem v'Hem 1992 rev14#3
WhWx.Cin Nits'chuhu 5329 (8765)
l;l.giB big.lal biG'lal 1558 rev16#11
~;D dam Dam 1818 rev14#20
h,F;h haSeh 7716 rev13#8
l;l.gibW uviG'lal 1558 rev12#11
r;b.d d.var D'var 1697 rev19#13
~'tWde[ e.du.tam Edutam 5715 rev12#11
aol.w v.lo v'Lo 3808 rev14#11
Wb]h'a Ahavu 157 (8804)
t,a et Et 853 rev12#13
~'v.p;n naf.sham Naph'sham 5315
d;[ ad Ad 5704
t,w'm Mavet 4194 rev18#8:

and them, they overcame him over circumstance of blood of the lamb, and over circumstance of being spoken of being testified of them, and not they loved soul of them upto death.

12 by
rWb][;B ba.a.vur baAvur 5668 rev18#8
taoz zot Zot 2063 rev18#8
Wx.mif sim.khu Sim'chu 8055 (8798)
~iy;m'V;h haShamayim 8064
~yin.kAV;h.w v.ha.shokh.neem v'haShokh'nim 7931 (8802)
~,h'B ba.hem baHem 1992 rev19#20
yAa oy Oy 188 rev18#10
#,r'a'l la.a.rets laArets 776 rev14#19
~'Y;l.w v'laYam 3220 rev12#12
yiK kee Ki 3588 rev12#13
derAy Yored 3381 (8802) rev18#1
!yiv.l;M;h ha.mal.sheen haMal'shin 3960 rev20#2
~,kyel]a a.le.khem Aleykhem 413
h'mex.B b'Chemah 2534
h'lAd.G G'dolah 1419 rev14#18
A[.d'y.B b.yad.o b'Yad'o 3045 (8800)
!;m.Z,v sheZ'man 2165
j;[.m M'at 4592 rev17#10
Al lo Lo 0 rev13#3:

On account of this rejoice the heavens and ones residing in the them. Woe to the earth and to the sea for coming down, the one slandering, ones on you with being hot, being great, in to know him that being appointed little of to him.

13 gy
r,v]a;k.w v.kha.a.sher v'khaAsher 834 rev17#10
h'a'r ra.a Ra'ah 7200 (8804)
!yiN;T;h ha.ta.neen haTanin 8577 rev12#16
yiK kee Ki 3588 rev13#18
%;l.vuh hush.lakh Hush'lakh 7993 (8717)
l;[ al Al 5921 rev12#17
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev12#16
@;d'r ra.daf Radaph 7291 (8804)
t,a et Et 853 rev12#13
h'Via'h ha.i.sha haIshah 802 rev12#15
h'd.l'Y,v she.yal.da sheYaldah 3205 (8804)
t,a et Et 853 rev12#16
r'k'Z;h haZakhar 2145 * :

And as when he saw, the dragon, that he was cast down on the earth he pursued the woman, who she brought forth the male.

14 dy
Wn.Tin.w v'Nit'nu 5414 (8738) rev12#14
h'Via'l la.i.sha laIshah 802 rev12#16
yeT.v sh.te Sh'tey 8147 rev13#11
yep.n;K kan.fe Kan'phey 3671
r,v,N;h haNesher 5404
lAd'G;h haGadol 1419 rev16#12
yed.K k'Dey 1767 rev12#15
@W['T,v she.ta.uf sheTa'uph 5774 (8799)
r'B.diM;l laMid'bar 4057 rev17#3
l,a el El 413 rev14#19
H'mAq.m M'qomah 4725
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev12#17
l;K.luk.T t.khul.kal T'khul'kal
~'v sham Sham 8033 rev20#10
de[Am mo.ed Mo'ed 4150
~yid][AmW uMo'adim 4150
yic]x;w va.kha.tsee vaChatsi 2677
de[Am mo.ed Mo'ed 4150
yen.Pim miP'ney 6440 rev12#14
v'x'N;h haNachash 5175 rev12#15:

And they were given to the woman twos of wings of the eagle, the one being great, as ones being needed of that she fly to the wilderness to place of her where she was nourished there being appointed, and ones being appointed, and half of being appointed from presences of the serpent.

15 hj
lyijeh.w v.he.teel v'Hetil 2904 (8689) rev14#16
v'x'N;h haNachash 5175 rev20#2
wyiPim mi.peev miPiv 6310 rev12#16
yer]x;a Acharey 310 rev14#4
h'Via'h ha.i.sha haIshah 802 rev12#17
~iy;m ma.yim Mayim 4325 rev14#2
r'h'n.K k'Nahar 5104
yed.K k'Dey 1767 rev16#9
;[yiB.j;h.l l.hat.bee.a l'Hat'bi'a 2883
H'tAa o.ta Otah 853 rev17#7
r'h'N;B baNahar 5104 :

And he cast, the serpent, from mouth of him ones being after of the woman, waters, like being flowed as ones being needed of to make sink her in the being flowed.

16 wj
h'r.z'[.w v.oz.ra v'Oz'rah 5826 (8804)
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev12#16
h'Via'l la.i.sha laIshah 802 rev12#16
h'x.t'pW u.fot.kha uPhot'chah 6605 (8804) rev13#6
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev13#3
'hyiP pee.ha Piha 6310 rev13#6
h'[.l'bW u.val.a uVal'ah 1104 (8804)
t,a et Et 853 rev12#17
r'h'N;h haNahar 5104 rev16#12
lyijeh,v she.he.teel sheHetil 2904 (8689)
!yiN;T;h ha.ta.neen haTanin 8577 rev12#17
wyiPim mi.peev miPiv 6310 rev19#21:

And she helped, the earth, to the woman and she opened, the earth, mouth of her, and she swallowed the being flowed that he cast, the dragon, from mouth of him.

17 zy
z;g'r.w v.ra.gaz v'Ragaz 7264 (8804)
!yiN;T;h ha.ta.neen haTanin 8577 rev13#2
l;[ al Al 5921 rev13#1
h'Via'h ha.i.sha haIshah 802 rev17#4
%;l'h.w v.ha.lakh v'Halakh 1980 (8804) rev16#2
tAf][;l la.a.sot laAsot 6213 (8800) rev13#7
h'm'x.lim Mil'chamah 4421 rev13#7
~i[ im Im 5973 rev13#7
r'a.v Sh'ar 7605
H'[.r;z zar.a Zar'ah 2233
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev13#1
~yir.mAv shom.reem Shom'rim 8104 (8802) rev22#9
t,a et Et 853 rev13#2
tAw.cim mits.vot Mits'vot 4687 rev14#12
~yihol/a e.lo.heem Elohim 430 rev14#7
vey.w v.yesh v'Yesh 3426
~,h'l la.hem laHem 1992
tWde[ e.dut Edut 5715 rev19#10
;[Wvey ye.shu.a Yeshu'a 3442 rev14#12:

And he was enraged, the dragon, over the woman and he went to do being fought with rest of seed of her, whom ones keeping ones being charged of Elohim and being to the them being testified of Yeshu'a.

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