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1 a
yityia'r.w v'Ra'iti 7200 (8804) rev13#1
%;a.l;m mal.akh Mal'akh 4397 rev14#6
rex;a a.kher Acher 312 rev12#3
q;z'x kha.zak Chazaq 2389 rev18#8
derAy Yored 3381 (8802) rev12#12
!im min Min 4480 rev10#4
~iy;m'V;h haShamayim 8064 rev10#4
vWb'l la.vush Lavush 3847 (8803)
!'n'[ a.nan Anan 6051 rev10#1
t,v,q.w v'Qeshet 7198
l,v shel Shel 0 rev10#7
!'n'[ a.nan Anan 6051 rev14#14
l;[ al Al 5921 rev10#2
Avaor ro.sho Rosho 7218 rev14#14
wy'n'pW u.fa.nav uPhanayv 6440
v,m,V;K ka.she.mesh kaShemesh 8121
wy'l.g;r.w v.rag.lav v'Rag'layv 7272
yedWM;[;K kaAmudey 5982
vea esh Esh 784 rev11#5:

And I saw one being delegated, one being other, one being strong, coming down from the heavens, being wrapped about cloud, and bow that of cloud on head of him, and faces of him like sun, and feet of him like pillars of fire,

2 b
vey.w v.yesh v'Yesh 3426 rev12#17
Al lo Lo 0 rev10#9
Ad;y.B b'Yado 3027 rev20#1
!Ar.pis sif.ron Siph'ron 5612
;xWt'P pa.tu.akh Patuach 6605 (8803) rev10#2
aWh.w v'Hu 1931 rev10#9
~'v sham Sham 8033 rev12#6
t,a et Et 853 rev10#3
Al.g;r rag.lo Rag'lo 7272 rev10#2
tyin'm.y;h haY'manit 3233 rev10#5
l;[ al Al 5921 rev10#2
~'Y;h ha.yam haYam 3220 rev10#5
t,a.w v'Et 853 rev10#6
Al.g;r rag.lo Rag'lo 7272
tyila'm.F;h haS'ma'lit 8042
l;[ al Al 5921 rev10#5
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev10#5:

and being to him in hand of him one being recorded, being open, and he there foot of him, the one being right, on the sea, and foot of him, the one being left, on the earth.

3 g
q;['c.w v.tsa.ak v'Tsa'aq 6817 (8804) rev14#18
lAq.B b.kol b'Qol 6963 rev14#7
lAd'G ga.dol Gadol 1419 rev11#12
Am.K K'mo 3644 rev15#2
geaAV,v sheSho'eg 7580 (8802)
hey.r;a'h haAr'yeh 738 rev10#3
r,v]a;k.w v.kha.a.sher v'khaAsher 834 rev10#4
q;['c tsa.ak Tsa'aq 6817 (8804)
W[yim.vih hish.mee.u Hish'mi'u 8085
t;[.biv Shiv'at 7651 rev10#4
~yim'[.r'h har.a.meem haR'amim 7481 (8802) rev10#4
t,a et Et 853 rev10#4
h'[.biv shiv.a Shiv'ah 7651 rev15#1
~,hyetAlAq ko.lo.te.hem Qoloteyhem 6963 :

And he cried with voice, being great, like when roaring, the lion, and as when he cried they made heard, the ones thundering, seven voices of them;

4 d
r,v]a;k.w v.kha.a.sher v'khaAsher 834 rev10#10
Wr.BiD Dib'ru 1696 (8765) rev10#4
t;[.biv Shiv'at 7651 rev10#4
~yim'[.r'h har.a.meem haR'amim 7481 rev10#4
yiT.d;T;[.tih hit.a.tad.tee Hit'atadti 6257 (8689)
boT.kil likh.tov liKh'tov 3789 (8800)
yiT[;m'v.w v'Shama'ti 8085 (8804) rev12#10
lAq kol Qol 6963 rev11#12
!im min Min 4480 rev10#8
~iy;m'V;h haShamayim 8064 rev10#6
remAa o.mer Omer 559 (8802) rev11#12
~ot]x kha.tom Chatom 2856 (8798)
t,a et Et 853 rev10#5
~yr'b.D;h haD'varim 1697
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev10#6
Wr.BiD Dib'ru 1696 (8765)
t;[.biv Shiv'at 7651 rev11#13
~yim'[.r'h har.a.meem haR'amim 7481 rev10#4
l;a.w v'Al 408 rev11#2
boT.kiT tikh.tov Tikh'tov 3789 (8799)
~'tAa o.tam Otam 853 rev11#6:

and as when they spoke, seven of the ones thundering, I was prepared to write and I heard voice from the heavens saying: 'Seal the ones being spoken that they spoke, seven of the ones thundering, and not you write them.'

5 h
%;a.l;M;h.w v.ha.mal.akh v'haMal'akh 4397 rev11#1
yityia'r,v sheRa'iti 7200 (8804)
demA[ Omed 5975 (8802) rev11#1
l;[ al Al 5921 rev10#8
~'Y;h ha.yam haYam 3220 rev10#6
l;[.w v'Al 5921 rev10#8
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev10#6
~yireh he.reem Herim 7311 (8689)
t,a et Et 853 rev10#6
Ad'y Yado 3027 rev14#9
tyin'm.y;h haY'manit 3233 rev13#16
~iy;m'V;l laShamayim 8064 rev11#12:

And the one being delegated, whom I saw standing on the sea and on the earth, he made high hand of him, the one being right, to the heavens;

6 w
[; v'Nish'ba 7650 (8738)
y;x;B ba.khay baChay 2421
yem.lA[.l l'Ol'mey 5769 rev11#15
~yim'lA[ Olamim 5769 rev11#15
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev10#6
a'r'B ba.ra Bara 1254 (8804)
t,a et Et 853 rev10#8
~iy;m'V;h haShamayim 8064 rev10#8
t,a.w v'Et 853 rev10#6
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev10#6
t,a.w v'Et 853 rev10#6
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev10#8
t,a.w v'Et 853 rev10#6
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev10#6
H'B ba Bah 0
t,a.w v'Et 853 rev10#6
~'Y;h ha.yam haYam 3220 rev10#8
t,a.w v'Et 853 rev11#1
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev10#8
AB bo Bo 0 rev11#1
aol,v she.lo sheLo 3808 rev20#3
h,y.hiy Yih'yeh 1961 (8799)
dA[ od Od 5750 rev10#11
!'m.z Z'man 2165 1ke1#11:

and he swore by one being alive to everlastings of everlastings, who he created the heavens and what in them, and the earth and what in her, and the sea and what in him, that not let him be still being appointed,

7 z
l'b]a a.val Aval 61 rev20#3
yemyiB biY'mey 3117 rev11#6
AlAq ko.lo Qolo 6963
l,v shel Shel 0 rev10#10
%;a.l;M;h ha.mal.akh haMal'akh 4397 rev10#8
yi[yib.V;h haSh'vi'i 7637 rev11#15
deT'[.tih,v.K k.she.hit.a.ted k'sheHitated 6257 (8689)
;[yir'h.l l.ha.ree.a l'Hari'a 7321
~;g gam Gam 1571 rev14#10
~; nish.lam Nish'lam 7999
dAs sod Sod 5475 rev17#5
~yihol/a'h ho.e.lo.heem hoElohim 430 rev11#1
yip.K k.fee k'Phi 6310 rev13#2
reFiB,v sheBiser 1319 (8765)
wy'd'b][;l laAvadayv 5650 rev22#6
~yiayib.N;h han.vee.eem haN'vi'im 5030 rev11#10:

nevertheless in days of voice of him, that of the one being delegated, the one being seventh, as when he is ready to sound, indeed he is finished, mystery of the Elohim, as end of how he proclaimed to servants of him, the prophets.

8 x
lAQ;h.w v.ha.kol v'haQol 6963 rev14#2
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834 rev11#4
yiT[;m'v Shama'ti 8085 (8804) rev19#1
!im min Min 4480 rev11#7
~iy;m'V;h haShamayim 8064 rev11#12
bWv shuv Shuv 7725 (8800)
reB;d.m m.da.ber M'daber 1696 (8764)
y;lea e.lay Elay 413 rev17#1
remAa.w v.o.mer v'Omer 559 (8802)
%,l lekh Lekh 3212 (8798)
x;q kakh Qach 3947 (8798) rev10#9
t,a et Et 853 rev10#9
!Ar.piS;h ha.sif.ron haSiph'ron 5612 rev10#9
;xWt'P;h haPatuach 6605 (8803)
d;y.B b.yad b'Yad 3027
%;a.l;M;h ha.mal.akh haMal'akh 4397 rev10#9
demA[,v sheOmed 5975 (8802)
l;[ al Al 5921 rev10#11
~'Y;h ha.yam haYam 3220 rev13#1
l;[.w v'Al 5921 rev10#11
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776 rev11#4:

And the voice that I heard from the heavens to turn back speaking to me and saying: 'Go take the one being recorded, the one being open in hand of the one being delegated, who standing on the sea and on the earth.'

9 j
yiT.k'l'h.w v.ha.lakh.tee v'Halakh'ti 1980 (8804)
l,a el El 413 rev12#5
%;a.l;M;h ha.mal.akh haMal'akh 4397 rev10#10
yir.m'a.B b'Om'ri 559 (8800)
Al lo Lo 0 rev12#3
tet'l la.tet laTet 5414 (8800) rev13#15
t,a et Et 853 rev10#9
!Ar.piS;h ha.sif.ron haSiph'ron 5612 rev10#10
aWh.w v'Hu 1931 rev19#10
r;m'a a.mar Amar 559 (8804) rev19#10
yil lee Li 0 rev10#11
x;q kakh Qach 3947 (8798)
lok/a,w ve.e.khol veEkhol 398 (8798)
AtAa Oto 853 rev19#5
rem'y.w v.ya.mer v'Yamer 4843
^.l l.kha l'Kha 0
t,a et Et 853 rev10#10
^.ser.K k.res.kha K'res'kha 3770
@;a af Aph 637
^yip.B b.fee.kha b'Phikha 6310
h,y.hiy Yih'yeh 1961 (8799) rev21#3
qAt'm ma.tok Matoq 4966
v;b.diK kid.vash kiD'vash 1706 :

And I went to the one being delegated when to say me to him to give the one being recorded. And he, he said to me: 'Take and eat him and he will be bitter for you belly of you only in mouth of you he will be sweet like honey.'

10 y
yiT.x;q'l.w v'Laqach'ti 3947 (8804)
t,a et Et 853 rev11#1
!Ar.piS;h ha.sif.ron haSiph'ron 5612 rev10#9
Ad'Yim miYado 3027 rev10#10
l,v shel Shel 0 rev12#1
%;a.l;M;h ha.mal.akh haMal'akh 4397 rev14#19
wyiT.l;k]a;w va.a.khal.teev vaAkhal'tiv 398 (8804)
h'y'h.w v.ha.ya v'Hayah 1961 (8804) rev11#17
yip.B b.fee b'Phi 6310
v;b.diK kid.vash kiD'vash 1706
qAt'm ma.tok Matoq 4966
r,v]a;k.w v.kha.a.sher v'khaAsher 834 rev11#7
wyiT.l;k]a a.khal.teev Akhal'tiv 398 (8804)
h'r.r'm mar.ra Marah 4843
yiser.K K'resi 3770 :

And I took the one being recorded from hand of him, that of the one being delegated, and I ate him and he was in mouth of me like honey, sweet, and as when I ate him he was bitter in belly of me.

11 ay
r;m'a.w v.a.mar v'Amar 559 (8804) rev17#7
yil lee Li 0 rev11#1
^y,l'[ a.lei.kha Aleikha 5921
dA[ od Od 5750 rev12#8
aeb'Nih.l l'Hinave 5012 (8736)
l;[ al Al 5921 rev11#6
~yiyAG go.yeem Goyim 1471
l;[.w v'Al 5921 rev12#1
tAMua u.mot Umot 523 rev17#15
tAnAv.lW ul.sho.not uL'shonot 3956 rev17#15
~yik'l.mW uM'lakhim 4428
~yiB;r ra.beem Rabim 7227 rev14#2:

And he said to me: 'Ones on you still to prophecy over nations, and over ones being related, and tongues and ones reigning, ones being many.'

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