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1 a
Being good name from oil being good; and day of the death from day of being born him.

2 b
Good to go to house of mourning from to go to house of feast over that he end of every of the man, and the one being alive let him give to heart of him.

3 g
Good vexing from laughter for by evil of faces he is well heart.

4 d
Heart of ones being wise in house of mourning, and heart of ones being foolish in house of being brightened up.

5 h
Being good to hear being rebuked of one being wise from man hearing being sung of ones being foolish.

6 w
Indeed as sound of the thorns beneath of the pot thus laughter of the one being foolish, and also this vanity.

7 z
Indeed the being extorted he makes fool of one being wise; and he makes perish heart being given.

8 x
Being good end of being spoken from beginning of him; being good being slow of spirit from being haughty of spirit.

9 j
Not you hasten in spirit of you to be vexed for vexing in bosom of ones being foolish he rests.

10 y
Not you say: 'How he was that the days, the ones being former, they were ones being good from these?' Indeed not from wisdom you asked over this.

11 ay
Being good wisdom with being inherited, and more to ones seeing the sun.

12 by
Indeed in shade of the wisdom in shade of the silver, and advantage of knowledge of the wisdom she lets live ones being owner of her.

13 gy
See being done of the Elohim; indeed who he is able to make straight what he made crooked?

14 dy
In day of good be with good, and in day of evil see also this for parallel of this. He made, the Elohim, over manner of that not he will find, the man, ones being after of him how and what,

15 hj
the all I saw in days of vapour of me, being one being righteousness perishing in righteous of him and being one being wicked being prolonged in being evil of him.

16 wj
Not you be righteous to be much; and not you show wisdom being more; for the what you make desolated yourself?

17 zy
Not you be wicked to be much, and not you be one being foolish; for the what will you die when not time of you?

18 xy
Being good that you take hold on the this; and also from this not you make rest hand of you; indeed fearing Elohim he will come out all of them.

19 jy
The wisdom she is strong to the one being wise from ten ones being governor that they are in the city.

20 k
Indeed man being not one being righteous on the earth who he does being good and not he sins.

21 ak
Also to all of the ones being spoken that they speak not you give heart of you that not you hear servant of you cursing you;

22 bk
indeed also times, ones being many, he knows heart of you that also you you cursed ones being other.

23 gk
All of this I tested with the wisdom; I said: 'I will be wise'; and she being afar from me.

24 dk
Being afar how what he is? And being deep being deep who he will find him?

25 hk
I turned about, I, and heart of me to know and to explore and to search out wisdom and being devised, and to know wickedness being folly and the foolishness ones being madness;

26 wk
and finding I being bitter from death the woman whom she huntings and nets heart of her, ones binding hands of her; being good before presences of the Elohim he will be delivered from her and one incuring guilt he will be caught by the her.

27 zk
See, this I found, she says, one assembling, one to one to find being devised,

28 xk
that still she sought, soul of me, and not I found; man one from thousand I found, and woman among all of these not I found.

29 jk
At being apart of see this I found that he made, the Elohim, the man being upright and them, they seek ones being devised of ones being many.




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