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1 a
For the all, one being appointed, and time for all of making pleased under the heavens:

2 b
time to bring forth and time to die; time to plant and time to pluck up one being planted;

3 g
time to kill and time to heal; time to break and time to build;

4 d
time to weep and time to laugh; time to mourn and time to skip about;

5 h
time to cast out stones and time to collect stones; time to embrace and time to be far from to embrace;

6 w
time to seek and time to give up; time to keep and time to cast out;

7 z
time to tear and time to sew; time to be silent and time to speak;

8 x
time to love and time to hate; time of being fought and time of being peaceful.

9 j
What advantage, the one doing, in what he toiling?

10 y
I saw the task that he gave, Elohim, to sons of the man, to afflict on him,

11 ay
the all of he made beautiful in time of him, also the everlasting he set in heart of them, from being lack of that not he will find, the man, the being done that he does, the Elohim, from beginning and to end.

12 by
I know that being not being good with the them, indeed rather to brighten up and to do being good when ones being alive of him.

13 gy
And indeed, every of the man that he eats and he drinks and he sees being good in all of being toiled of him being given of Elohim she.

14 dy
I know that all of what he does, the Elohim, he, he is to everlasting; ones on him being not to add and from him being not to diminish; and the Elohim he made that they fear from before presences of him.

15 hj
What how he was already he, and how to be already he is, and the Elohim he seeks being pursued.

16 wj
And still I saw being under of the sun place of the being judged, at there the wickedness, and place of the righteousness at there the one being wicked.

17 zy
I said, I, in heart of me: The one being righteous and the one being wicked he will judge, the Elohim, for time for all of making pleased and over all of the being done there.

18 xy
I said, I, in heart of me over manner of sons of the man, to clarify them the Elohim, and to see that them beast them to the them.

19 jy
Since happenstance of sons of the man and happenstance of the beast, and happenstance of one to the them, as to die this thus to die this, and wind ones to the all, and pre-eminence of the man from the beast being not; indeed the all vanity.

20 k
The all of going to place one; the all of he is from the dust and the all of he returns to the dust.

21 ak
Who knowing spirit of sons of the man the one going up she to being above, and spirit of the beast the one going down she to being below of the earth?

22 bk
And I saw that being not being good from how he brightens up, the man, in ones being done of him since he being apportioned of him, indeed who will he make come in him to see with what how he will be ones being after of him?




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