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1 a
Woe city of bloods, all of her deception, plunder being full, not he withdraws being torn.

2 b
Sound of whip and sound of shaking of wheel and horse galloping and being ridden skipping about.

3 g
Horseman making go up, and gleam of sword, and flashing of spear, and being much being pierced, and mass of corpse, and being no end of the body, and they stumble over body of them.

4 d
From being much of prostitutions of committing adultery being good of favour mistress of sorceries, the one selling nations by prostitutions of her and families by sorceries of her.

5 h
Behold I ones to you, being declared of Y'hovah of ones being amassed, and I will uncover skirts of you over faces of you and I will show nations being made bare of you and ones being reigned shame of you.

6 w
And I will cast down on you ones being detestable and I will treat with contempt you and I will set you as being seen.

7 z
And he will be every of one seeing you he will retreat from you and he will say: She is devastated Nin'veh. Who he will show sympathy to the her? From where I will search out ones comforting to the you?

8 x

9 j
Kush being mighty, and Mits'rayim, and being no boundary, Put and Luvim they are among being help of you.

10 y
Also she to the being uncovered she went among the being captive, also infants of her they were dashed in pieces at head of all of ones being outer, and over ones being noble of her they handled lot, and all of ones being great of her they were bound in the fetters.

11 ay
Also you, you will be drunk, you will be being concealed; also you, you will seek refuge from one being hostile.

12 by
All of ones being fortified of you figs with first fruits, if they are shaken then they will fall on mouth of one eating.

13 gy
Behold, people of you women in midst of you, to ones being hostile of you to open they will open gates of land of you, she will consume, fire, bars of you.

14 dy
Waters of siege draw for the you, make strong ones being fortified of you, go in in the mud and tread in the clay, make strong brickwork.

15 hj
There she will consume you, fire, she will cut off you, sword, she will consume you as the locust larvae; multiply yourself as the locust larvae, multiply yourself as the locust.

16 wj
You increased ones going about of you from stars of the heavens; locust larvae he will strip off and he will fly away.

17 zy
Ones anointed of you like the locust and officials of you like locust of locusts, the ones encamping in the hedges in day of cold, sun she radiates and he flees away and not he is known, place of him, where them.

18 xy
They slumber, ones tending of you, one reigning of Ashur, they settled, ones being majestic of you, they are scattered, people of you, on the mounts and being no one gathering.

19 jy
Being no dimming of being broken of you, being sick being struck of you, all of ones hearing of being heard of you they will strike palm ones over you since over whom not she passed, being evil of you, continually?




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