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1 a
And on day the first from the seven, when to rise early, they went, Mir'yam Migdalenah and Mir'yam one being other, to see the being buried.

2 b
And she was made to quake, the earth, when one being delegated of Y'hovah he came down from the heavens to the being buried, and he overturned the stone and he stood;

3 g
and appearances of him he was like the sun, and garments of him like the snow;

4 d
and from fear of him they were terrified, the ones guarding, and they stood, the ones being dead;

5 h
and he answered, the one being delegated, and he said to the women: 'Not you dread, for I knowing that you ones seeking for Yeshu'a, who being hung,

6 w
being not him here, for already being alive as how he said, For the so, come in and see the place where he rose there, the Lord.

7 z
Thus go from hand and say to ones being taught of him that already he rose there, the Lord, and he, he will be before presences of you, and there you will see him as how he said to you."

8 x
And they went forth, the women, in fear from the being buried on account of ones seeing the one being delegated, and with joy being great at end that the lord he rose being alive, and they ran to say to ones being taught of him;

9 j
and them ones going and Yeshu'a he crossed before presences of them, saying: 'Y'hovah he will make free you. And them, they drew near ones to him, and they bowed to him, and they were prostrated before him.

10 y
Then he said to the them, Yeshu'a: "Not you dread, say to brothers of me that they go to Galil and at there they will see me."

11 ay
And while yet, when them ones going, how this from the ones guarding, they came to the city and they made clear to the ones being great of the priests all of the ones being done.

12 by
And they met to being advised with ones being elder of the people, and they gave money being much to the horsemen;

13 gy
and they said to them: 'Them you say that they came in, ones being taught of him, at night and they stole him while still you ones sleeping,

14 dy
and if this he goes in to ear of Pilot, we, we will speak with him over task let him allow rest you.'

15 hj
And they, they took the being settled, and they said thus as what they taught them, and this the thing in secret between the Y'hudim until the day the this.

16 wj
And following this, as when the two ten ones being taught of him they went to Galil, he appeared to them in the mount,

17 zy
where with him they prayed, and as when they saw him they bowed down to him, but being from them whom they doubted about him.

18 xy
And Yeshu'a he drew near to them, and he said to the them: "To me being given all of the power in the heavens and in the earth,

19 jy
go with them,

20 k
and observe them, to make rise all the ones being spoken that I charged you to everlasting."




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