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1 a
yin.B b.nee B'ni 1121
rom.v sh.mor Sh'mor 8104 (8798) mi7#2
y'r'm]a Amaray 561 iy33#3
y;tow.cimW u.mits.vo.tay uMits'votay 4687 1me3#14
!oP.ciT tits.pon Tits'pon 6845 (8799) mi2#1
%'Tia i.takh Itakh 854 mi23#11:

Son of me, keep ones being said of me, and ones being charged of me you hide with you;

2 b
rom.v sh.mor Sh'mor 8104 (8798) qo4#17
y;tow.cim mits.vo.tay Mits'votay 4687
hey.x,w veCh'yeh 2421 (8798)
yit'rAt.w v'Torati 8451 yi6#19
!Avyia.K k'Ishon 380 dv32#10
^y,nye[ e.nei.kha Eyneikha 5869 :

keep ones being charged of me and live, and being instructed of me as pupil of eyes of you;

3 g
~er.v'q kash.rem Qash'rem 7194 (8798) mi3#3
^y,to[.B.c,a-l;[ al-ets.b.o.tei.kha Al Ets'b'oteikha 5921 676 te8#4
~eb.t'K kat.vem Kat'vem 3789 (8798) mi3#3
;xWl-l;[ al-lu.akh Al Lu'ach 5921 3871 shi8#9
^,Bil Libekha 3820 :

tie them on fingers of you, write them on tablet of heart of you.

4 d
rom/a e.mor Emor