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1 a
Hear sons chastening of father and prick up to know understanding,

2 b
indeed learning being good I give to the you, being instructed of me not you forsake.

3 g
Indeed son I was of father of me, being tender and being only one before presences of mother of me.

4 d
And he taught me and he said to me: 'Let him grasp ones being spoken of me, heart of you, keep ones being charged of me and live;

5 h
Get wisdom, get understanding, not you forget, and not you decline from ones being said of mouth of me;

6 w
not you forsake her and she will keep you, love her and she will guard you.

7 z
First of wisdom: Buy wisdom and with all of being bought of you buy understanding.

8 x
Extol her and she will exalt you, she will honour you when you embrace her.

9 j
She will give to head of you wreath of favour, wreath of splendour she will deliver you.'

10 y
Hear, son of me, and take ones being said of me and they will be much for you years of ones being alive.

11 ay
In being trod of wisdom I taught you; I made tread you in tracks of being upright.

12 by
When to go you not he will be pressed, being stepped of you, and if you run not you will stumble.

13 gy
Make strong with the chastening not you slacken; guard her since she ones being alive of you.

14 dy
In path of ones being wicked not you go in, and not you be lead in being trod of ones being evil.

15 hj
Avoid him, not you pass by him, deviate from ones near him, and pass on.

16 wj
Indeed not they sleep when not they do evil, and she is taken away sleep of them when not they make stumble.

17 zy
Since they feed on bread of wickedness, and wine of ones being violent they drink.

18 xy
And being travelled of ones being righteous like being light being bright, going, and he shines until being directed aright the day.

19 jy
Way of ones being wicked as the being dense, not they know by the what they stumble.

20 k
Son of me to ones being spoken of me pay attention, to ones being said of me extend ear of you.

21 ak
Not let them turn aside from eyes of you; keep them in midst of heart of you.

22 bk
Indeed ones being alive them to ones finding them, and to all of flesh of him being mended.

23 gk
From all of being kept guard heart of you since from him ones going forth of ones being alive.

24 dk
Make turn aside from you being perverse of mouth, and being perverse of lips to be far from you.

25 hk
Eyes of you to right before let them look, and eyelids of you let them make straight before you.

26 wk
Make level track of foot of you, and all of ones being trod of you they will be established.

27 zk
Not you incline right and left; make turn aside foot of you from being evil.




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