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1 a
yin.B b.nee B'ni 1121
x;QiT-~ia im-ti.kakh Im Tiqach 518 3947 (8799) yk45#18
y'r'm]a Amaray 561 mi4#10
y;tow.cimW u.mits.vo.tay uMits'votay 4687 mi3#1
!oP.ciT tits.pon Tits'pon 6845 (8799) mi7#1
%'Tia i.takh Itakh 854 :

Son of me, if you take ones being said of me, and ones being charged of me you hide with you;

2 b
byiv.q;h.l l.hak.sheev l'Haq'shiv 7181 (8687)
h'm.k'x;l laChokh'mah 2451 mi7#4
^.n.z'a oz.n.kha Oz'n'kha 241 mi4#20
h,J;T ta.te Tateh 5186 (8686) sh23#6
^.Bil lib.kha Lib'kha 3820 mi6#21
h'nWb.T;l laT'vunah 8394 mi2#3:

to prick up to the wisdom ear of you, you make stretched, heart of you, to the understanding;

3 g
yiK kee Ki 3588
~ia im Im 518
h'nyiB;l laBinah 998 mi7#4
a'r.qiT tik.ra Tiq'ra 7121 (8799) mi7#4
h'nWb.T;l laT'vunah 8394 mi2#2
!,TiT ti.ten Titen 5414 (8799)
^,lAq ko.le.kha Qolekha 6963 qo5#5:

Indeed, if for the discernment you call, for the understanding you give voice of you;