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1 a
yel.vim mish.le Mish'ley mi10#1
homol.v Sh'lomoh mi10#1
diw'd-!,b ven-da.vid Ven David 1732
%,l,m me.lekh Melekh 4428
lea'r.fiy yis.ra.el Yis'ra'el :

Proverbs of Sh'lomoh, son of David, one reigning of Yis'ra'el.

2 b
t;[;d'l laDa'at 3045 (8800) mi4#1
h'm.k'x Chokh'mah 2451 mi1#7
r'sWmW uMusar 4148 mi1#7
!yib'h.l l.ha.veen l'Havin 995 (8687) mi1#6
yer.mia Im'rey 561 mi8#8
h'nyib Vinah 998 mi4#5:

To know wisdom and chastening, to understand ones being said of understanding,

3 g
t;x;q'l la.ka.khat laQachat (8800) yi25#28
r'sWm mu.sar Musar 4148 mi1#8
leK.f;h has.kel Haskel (8687) mi21#16
q,d,c tse.dek Tsedeq 6664
j'P.vimW u.mish.pat uMish'pat 4941 mi2#9
~yir'vyemW uMeysharim mi2#9:

to take chastening to be wise, righteousness, and being judged, and ones being straight,

4 d
t,t'l la.tet laTet (8800)
~iya't.pil lif.ta.yim liPh'tayim 6612
h'm.r'[ Or'mah mi8#5
r;[;n.l l'Na'ar
t;[;D Da'at mi2#6
h'Miz.mW uM'zimah :

to give to ones being simple being crafty, to youth knowledge and purpose.

5 h