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1 a
Indeed like being reigned of the heavens to man, lord of house, whom he went forth in the morning to hire ones working for vineyard of him.

2 b
He agreed with the ones working over dinar in day, and he sent them to vineyard of him.

3 g
And he went forth in the hour, the one being third, and he saw ones being other, ones standing, ones being idle in the street.

4 d
And he said to the them: 'Come also you to the vineyard, and what how being worthy I will give to you.'

5 h
And them, they went. And he went forth to go back in the hour the sixth with the ninth, and he did him the being spoken.

6 w
And nearby to the hour the one ten he went forth and he found ones being other, ones standing, ones being idle, and he said to the them: 'For what ones standing you all of the day ones being idle?'

7 z
They said to him: 'Indeed man not he hired us.' And he said to the them: 'Come also you to the vineyard and what how being worthy you will receive.'

8 x
As to be evening he said, lord of the vineyard, to one managing house of him: 'Call the ones working and give to the them reward of them, and begin from the ones being last to the ones being first.'

9 j
And they came in, the those that of the hour the one ten, they received dinar, dinar.

10 y
And as when they came in, the ones being first, they thought that they will receive more, and they received dinar, dinar, also them.

11 ay
And as when they received they murmured against lord of the house,

12 by
and they said: 'These, the ones being last, hour one they served and you made equal them to us when we bore weight of the day and heat of him.'

13 gy
Nevertheless he, he answered, and he said to one from them: 'Beloved of me, being not I doing to you injustice. Indeed not over dinar you agreed with me?

14 dy
Take what of you and go, however, being pleased I to give to the this, the one being last, like to you.

15 hj
Something not correct for me to do with what of me what how I being pleased? Or being not you evil over that good I?'

16 wj
Thus he will be ones being last, ones being first, and the ones being first, ones being last; ones being many them, the ones being called, but ones being few the ones being chosen.

17 zy
And Yeshu'a he was ready to go up to Y'rushalaim and he took on the way twos ten ones being taught of him between him to between them and he said to the them:

NOTE: mar10#32

18 xy
'Behold ones going up we to Y'rushalaim and son of the man he will be delivered to ones being head of the priests and to the ones recording and they will condemn him to death,

NOTE: mar10#33

19 jy
and they will deliver him to the nations and they will mock against him, and they will scourge him, and they will crucify him, and on the day the third he will rise.'

NOTE: mar10#34 luq18#32

20 k
Then she came near to him, mother of them, whom of sons of Zavday, she and sons of her she bowed to him, and she sought from him being spoken.

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