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1 a
And as when he ended, Yeshu'a, the ones being spoken the these he went forth from the Galil and he went in to limit of Y'hudah over across of the Yar'den.

NOTE: mar10#1

2 b
And they came in ones being after of him, multitudes, ones being many, and he, he healed them there.

3 g
And they drew near to him, P'rushim, and they tested him, and they said: 'If correct for man to drive away woman of him on any of occasion?'

4 d
And he, he answered, and he said to the them: 'If not you read that he who he made from beginning male and female he made them?' And he said:

NOTE: B'reshit 1#27 B'reshit 5#2

5 h
'Over thus let him leave, man, father of him and mother of him and he shall cling on woman of him and they are two of them for flesh one.

NOTE: B'reshit 2#24

6 w
To end that being not them twos but body one. For thus what how Elohim he coupled man not let him separate.

7 z
They said to him: 'For what then, Mosheh, he charged to give being recorded of cutting off and to send off her?'

NOTE: D'varim 24#1 mat5#31 mar10#4

8 x
He said to the them: 'Mosheh, from presences of stubbornness of heart of you he made free for the you to send off women of you only from at first not he was thus.

9 j
Nevertheless, saying I to the you: Who whom forsaking woman of him when not over being spoken of adultery and one taking up, one being other, committing adultery, and who whom taking up one being put away committing adultery.'

24 dk
And still saying I to you that swiftly more for rope to enter in socket of the needle from how for one being rich to enter to being reigned of the Elohim.

29 jk
and every of man who forsaking houses, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, woman, or sons, or fields, for sake of name of me portion hundred he will receive and lives everlasting he will inherit.

NOTE: mar10#30 luq18#30

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